The Euro Winners Cup 2024 is underway!

The competition got started in Nazaré

The opening day of the Euro Winners Cup begun in Nazaré, Portugal…


Group A
Real Münster win 10-6 against Etoile Brainoise.
Real Munster started the game on the front foot and this saw them rewarded with two early goals by Biermann and Hodel but Brainoise hit back with two goals of their own through Depotebecker and Caixinha. Real Münster hit four goals before the end of the first period with two more from Biermann and one each for Dmais and Kniller.

In the second period it was Brainoise who scored first and the goal came from Depotebecker to bring the scoreline to 3-6. Two more goals followed for Brainoise starting with an own goal by Kniller and then a Caixinha before Biermann made it 5-7 15 seconds before the end of the second period.

Brainoise had another great start and scored to reduce the score to just one goal difference. Metzler of Münster restored their two-goal led which saw the game 6-8 in favour of Münster.
Two more goals followed in the third period with a goal from Oba and the final goal of the game came from Hodel to give Münster a 6-10 victory.

ACD O Sótão win 4-0 against CD Victoria.
Duarte Vivo opened the scoreline for Sótão in the first period. The Portuguese team took a 0-1 advantage into the second period.

The only goal of the second period went to Sótão and their man, Jordan.

With a two goal lead, Sótão were comfortable and added two more goals in the final period through Diogo Dias and Benjamin Jr to give them a 0-4 win.

Group B
Spartak Varna win 6-1 against Bavaria Beach Bazis.
In the first period It was the Bulgarians who made the breakthrough in the fifth minute by Igor followed by Balinha who made it 0-2. Spartak took a two-goal lead into the second period.

Igor made it 0-3 before Bavaria pulled one back through Vasilets. Igor claimed his hat trick with another goal to make it four for Spartak before the end of the second period.

It was Balinha who grabbed his brace and Spartak’s fifth of the game with 10 minutes left of play. With 1 second left of the third period it was Balinha who scored this hat trick and ensured all three points would go the way of Spartak.

Falfala KQ win 17-0 against Frösö IF.
The first half started very strong for Falfala after Rodrigo put them in front within the first two minutes followed by five goals shared between: Jabareen, Eliott, Rodrigo for his brace, Bruno Xavier and Omry to put them 0-6 ahead in the first period.

The goals didn’t stop for Falfala, three more goals came in the second period for the Israeli side courtesy of Jabareen for his second of the game, Ott and Karam chipped in.

In the third period plenty more goals for Falfala which certainly help their goal difference. The goals came from Amer Yatim, Jabareen completed the hat trick and their 12th of the match. Ott scored his double; Rodrigo completed his hat trick. The goalkeeper for Falfala, Eliott scored his second. The goals didn’t stop coming as the 15th goal came from Amer Yatim, the 16th came from Karam, and the 17th and final goal of the game came from Yousef. A day to forget for the Swedish team Frösö IF.

Group C
Marseille BT win 5-2 against BS Slavia.
Marseille BT were the team to break the deadlock within the second minute via Paterniti. Slavia hit back with a goal of their own however it was scored by a Marseille player Gnepo, who put the ball into the back of his own net. Gnepo made up for his earlier mistake to score and put Marseille back into the lead before Bru scored to take Marseille into the second period with a 1-3 lead.

Marseille continued their goals into the second period with a goal from Varrel. Valeš straight from kick off scores to keep the deficit at 2. The scoreline was extended further when Gharbi made it 2-5 for Marseille.

Marseille claimed all three points with a 2-5 victory over BS Slavia.

SC Braga win 10-1 against Bonyhád BFC.
Léo Martins of Braga opened the goal scoring of the game within the first minute, but Bonyhád quickly fought back and equalised through Genczler. Léo Martins added to his first goal to score again and give Braga a 1-2 lead going into the second period.

Another fast start for Braga as Felipe Silva scored within the first minute. To round off the second period, Bê Martins scored Braga’s fourth goal of the game.

The final period of the game and a goal to grab his brace from Felipe Silva, a hat trick from Pintado, Patócs from Bonyhád scored an own goal and the 10th and final goal from Braga came from Tim to give the Portuguese team all three points.

Group D
West Deva win 5-2 against BSC Husty.
The first blood went to West Deva as Rainer scored the only goal of the period taking the 1-0 lead into the second period.

The second period arrived and this time the only goal of the period went to Husty as Suchánek fires the ball into the goal. It was all to play for in the final period.

Two quick goals for West Deva and Luanzinho helped the Romanian team take control of the game. Eguiluz scored to bring Husty back into it but two goals from Cosmin and Fabricio helped West Deva to win the game 5-2.

Farmaè Viareggio win 12-1 against Mouilleron SF.
Within the first two minutes the scoreline was 0-1 to Viareggio as Eudin scores past the Mouilleron goalkeeper. Just 20 seconds later they scored again and this time it was Remedi. Zé Lucas topped off the scoring in the first period to make it 0-3.

The scoring continued for Viareggio and Eudin into the second period as he made it 0-4 to the Italian team. Carpita and Gori made it 0-6.

Two quick goals for Viareggio by Fazzini and Ozu to made it 0-8. Zé scored again before Chevrier scored to soften the blow for Mouilleron but Genovali scored directly from kick off to make it 1-10 before the third period.

An early goal scored by Remedi to make it 1-11 followed by a goal from Rombi to make it 1-12 with five minutes left of play. The game ended with Viareggio taking all three points.

Group E
Riga FC win 9-1 against FC Baggio.
The first period saw two early goals for Riga by Igor Ricardo and Wesley Silva to make it 0-2 early on. With 6 minutes remaining , the first period Riga score two quick goals, a brace for Igor Ricardo and one for Rafinha.

In the second period with three minutes remaining, Rimkus made it 0-5. Asunta reduces the scoreline for FC Baggio to 1-5.

Riga scored a sixth goal in the third period by Pastars. Riga’s goalkeeper, Wesley Silva scored his brace to make it 1-7 to Riga with six minutes left. Rafinha added to his earlier goal with another. A ninth goal went in for Riga and it was the captain, Vasiljevs with a minute left.

The game ended with the Latvian team being victorious by 1-9 in their favour.

Recreativo de Huelva win 9-3 against BS Altena.
The first 12 minutes started off with Huelva taking control and scoring two goals, the first came from Carballo and the second was through Jose.

The second period of the game saw Altena halve the deficit with a goal through Koek however Cassano restored Huelva’s two goal advantage but straight from kick off Bjorn scored for Alterna. With 16 seconds remaining of the second period, Suli scored to make it 2-4 to Huelva.

In the third period Alterna made it 4-4 through goals from Bjorn for the brace and an own goal from Toine. However that did not matter as in the last four minutes of the game, Huelva scored four goals which came from: Cassano for his second, Gerlan and two from Carballo to complete the hat-trick.

Group F
BSC Pafos win 3-2 against BSC Nistru.
Halfway through the first period and a breakthrough for Nistru via a goal by Ignat. 2-0 Nistru and it was Ignat again for the brace. Pafos take a goal back. The goalscorer, Mateusinho to give Pafos confidence. Pafos equalise with Mateusinho to end the first period

A stalemate throughout the second period as no side managed to swing the game in their favour, but as the third period started, Giovane scored for Pafos to make it 2-3.

The end of the game and Pafos takes all three points after a tough game with BSC Nistru.

Rostocker Robben win 9-1 against BSC Batumi.
Rostocker Robben saw three goals hit the back of the net from Körner, Jørgensen and Thürk to give them a 0-3 lead in the first period.

During the second period an onslaught of goals rained past the Batumi goalkeeper, Pablo Pérez, Jørgensen, Kaufmann, Jose Carlos, Knüppel and Peterson changed the scoreline from 0-3 to 0-9 and a tough ask for Batumi to comeback.

Mantas scored a consolation goal for Batumi however Rostocker Robben were too strong for them and this gave the German team all three points to start the tournament.

Group G
Roses Platja win 3-1 against Minots de Marseille.
The first period was locked in a stalemate as neither side could find a way to break the other down.

It was Platja De Roses who broke the deadlock with 3 minutes of the second period to play but right before the end Laassami popped up for Minots de Marseille to equalise. The game was 1-1 going into the final period of the game.

Very early on Platja de Roses scored through David to make it 2-1 and tilt the game in their favour. The final piece of action also came for the Spanish side as Sergio scored to finish the game off making it 3-1.

Lenergy Pisa BS win 3-1 AD Nazaré 2022.
Within the first two minutes of the game Pisa took the lead through Mori. The sides were head and head throughout the next 9 minutes of the first period but it was Nazaré who equalised through a Tiago Legua free kick from distance. Pisa retook the lead through Edson Hulk with 39 seconds remaining to take the lead into the second 12 minutes.

It wasn’t until the third period that another goal came and it was through Edson Hulk again for Pisa as they managed to take a two goal lead into the remaining 46 seconds of the game. The sides were evenly matched but Pisa came out on top.

Group H
Catania BS win 6-5 against GRAP.
The game started with GRAP on the front foot and with the first minute Sergio scored to make it 0-1. Iguigno equalised 30 seconds later. The first period ended with both teams locked in.

A goal within the first two minutes for Catania put them in the lead via Ponzetti. Diogo equalised for Grap before Padilha retook the lead for Catania. Celso once again levelled the game for GRAP. Ponzetti scored his brace to put Catania in front again before another equaliser by Andre. The second period ended with the scores at 4-4. Neither team could maintain the lead.

The third period and an early goal for Giordani as he gave his side hopes of winning but Lukas of Grap had other ideas as he equalised for the Portuguese team. It was Catania who had the final say of the game as Iguigno scored the winner. Catania held on for the last five minutes to win 6-5.

TSOR win 8-7 on penalties against Rosh Haayin, after a 4-4 draw in the match.
In the first period it was the Israeli team who had their noses in front with goals from Alisson and Brendo. Rosh Haayin took a 0-2 lead into the break.

TSOR hit back with two goals of their own to level the tie through Novikau and Avgustov. This quickly reversed as Alisson scored his brace to take Rosh Haayin in front again and making it 2-3. TSOR score a third and an equaliser through Hardzetski with seven minutes remaining. Piatrouski gave TSOR the lead after being 1-3 down with three minutes left of play. Rosh Haayin equalised via Brendo in the last 30 seconds to take the game to extra-time.

The game was not decided in extra-time, so it went to a penalty shootout. TSOR won the penalty shootout by 8 goals to 7. TSOR took the one point.

Group I
ASD Napoli win 11-2 against BSC Havana Shots.
An early goal in the first period came from ASD Napoli with Alla scoring 3 minutes in. in the final moments of the period, Napoli scored two quick goals, Battini and Sanfilippo to give Napoli a 0-3 lead.

The second period only saw more goals from Napoli. Lucao scored himself a brace, Sciacca, Zurlo and Moxedano scored to increase Napoli’s lead to 0-8 which is an uphill battle for Havana Shots to comeback from.

Lucao completed his hat trick in the third period with Moxedano and Sanfilippo adding to the score for the Italian team. Havana Shots scored two goals however Napoli were too strong for them today with the game ending 2-11 and Napoli took all three points in their first game.

Napoli Patron win 4-3 against Ercis Spor.
A Stalemate during the first half as no side could break each other down however two key moments occurred. Within the first six minutes Paulo of Ercis Spor pulled back the Napoli player who was through on goal and saw a red card shown to him. Four minutes later Papazafeiris of Napoli Patron pulled down an attacking player who was through on goal and he sees a red card.

The second period produced some goals with Ercis Spor taking the lead through Barboza. Napoli Patron equalised through Skourtas but Barboza with his second of the game scores eight seconds later and put them back in the driving seat. With two minutes left of the period, Napoli Patron equalised again through Beshr to take the game to 2-2 with 12 minutes left of play.

It was Napoli who took the lead and it came from Pareja. Barboza scored his hat trick to level the game once again before the final 10 seconds of the game where Ali Mohammad scored the winner. 


Group A
Etoile Brainoise 6-10 Real Münster
CD Victoria 0-4 ACD O Sótão

Group B
Bavaria Beach Bazis 1-6 Spartak Varna
Frösö IF 0-17 Falfala KQ BSC

Group C
BS Slavia 2-5 Marseille BT
Bonyhád BFC 1-10 SC Braga

Group D
West Deva 5-2 BSC Husty
Mouilleron SF 1-12 Farmaè Viareggio

Group E
FC Baggio 1-9 Riga FC
BS Altena 3-9 Recreativo de Huelva

Group F
BSC Nistru 2-3 BSC Pafos
BSC Batumi 1-9 Rostocker Robben

Group G
Roses Platja 3-1 Minots de Marseille
AD Nazaré 2022 1-3 Lenergy Pisa BS

Group H
Catania BS 6-5 GRAP
TSOR 4-4 Rosh Haayin (TSOR win 8-7 on penalties)

Group I
BSC Havana Shots 2-11 ASD Napoli
Ercis Spor 3-4 Napoli Patron

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