Uruguay National Championship takes off in Playa Pocitos

Defending champions Malvín get off to a winning start for an opening three points

The past weekend, the sixth edition of the Uruguayan National Beach Soccer League kicked off in Playa Pocitos (Montevideo). Two of the big guns in the Charrúa beach soccer panorama began the competition in style, with defending champions Malvin beating Rampla Juniors 6-3. Danubio, another of the Uruguayan classics, breezed past Parque Cubano to sit atop the standings in Group A.

Boston River, in turn, top the table in Group B, following their 6-9 win over Wanderers in the busiest game of the weekend. Progreso equal them on points after their 5-3 victory to Parque de la Plata.

On Sunday evening, Keguay beat Fénix 9-3 and Cerrito, with the biggest win of the weekend, won 11-3 against Albion to close the weekend’s beach soccer.


Following the draw held last week at the Estadio Centenario of the Uruguayan capital, the different groups were divided as follows: 

Serie A: Malvín, Rampla Juniors, Racing, Parque Cubano, Danubio

Serie B: Progreso, Parque del Plata, Boston River, Wanderers

Serie C: Cerrito, Albion, Fénix, Keguay


These were the results of the first matchday at the Uruguay National League:

Serie A

Malvín 6–3 Rampla Juniors

Danubio 6–0 Parque Cubano


Serie B

Progreso 5–3 Parque del Plata

Wanderers 6–9 Boston River


Serie C

Keguay 9–3 Fénix

Cerrito 11–3 Albion


The best two teams in each group will progress to the torneo Apertura, while the remaining teams will fight for two more berths at the Copa Competencia, which follows the regular stage.  

For more information, please visit https://www.auf.org.uy/campeonatos-playa-masculino-mayores/


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