Beach Soccer World Wide signs medical partnership agreement with IDOVEN

The remote sports cardiology technology will be offered to all teams and federations involved in the sport

IDOVEN and BSWW have come together to offer all teams and federations involved in the sport of beach soccer an accessible and potentially life-saving service. 

The pioneering startup specialises in remote sports cardiology and aims to help to prevent possible heart problems, such as myocardial infarction, of athletes from across the sporting world.

Among the list of investors is Spanish goalkeeping legend Iker Casillas, who is one of the better-known examples of athletes who have suffered unexpected heart issues.

This partnership sees a new era of beach soccer, which will provide sports cardiological services for federations and clubs that request it. A service that involves a personalised report so that the players can compete in the best condition possible, combining sport, technology and health.

IDOVEN uses technology based on artificial intelligence to analyse the heartbeat of each athlete to help prevent heart problems with a more accurate diagnosis. It consists of a monitoring kit with which the player can continuously keep track of his or her heart while training and resting, ensuring the best possible safety.

This new alliance is based on the belief that distance sports medicine has an enormous capacity for growth. A medical innovation that has been tested by the best elite athletes and that will be available to all clubs, teams and federations participating in international beach soccer competitions.



IDOVEN is a Spanish remote cardiology startup that seeks to detect heart problems early and in a non-invasive way to prevent heart attacks and other heart diseases.

The idea arose during preparation for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games when the team combined the work of sports cardiology at the Higher Sports Council (CSD) with research at the National Centre for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC). The union between cardiology and technology marked the turning point. Technology is the answer to the limitations of distance and time that make it difficult for all people to access the medical attention they may need. 

A software based on artificial intelligence, which allows analysis of the patient’s heartrate to help detect possible problems early on, and in the least invasive way possible. IDOVEN is one of the nine companies to be selected by Google to participate in Google for Startups Residency, the most important entrepreneurship program of the technology company at the national level, and has recently received the prestigious Seal of Excellence from the European Commission that endorses this young company as a benchmark in Europe for its excellence, impact, quality and implementation efficiency.

Iker Casillas has decided to join IDOVEN after suffering a heart attack during training a year ago: “all athletes, regardless of their level, are exposed to injuries and medical problems, including heart problems. I am convinced that contributing my grain of sand to help this business and, specifically, health and sports certainly has value. Our future is digital and investing in our entrepreneurship and talent is essential so that small startups can become a reality in the medium and long term.”

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