Sustainable hydration in Alghero with Bluewater

The Official Hydration Partner is helping athletes and fans stay hydrated and reduce the use of plastic bottles

Bluewater, a world-leading innovator of hydration solutions and beverages, has stepped up to hydrate beach soccer stars and fans during the intense 2023 Euro Beach Soccer League and World Winners Cup underway at Alghero on the picturesque island of Sardegna.

Despite soaring temperatures, Bluewater, the Official Hydration Partner for the event, ensures athletes and fans stay at the top of their game and healthy by serving on-demand refreshing and super-clean water from the brand’s advanced water refill stations, while reducing the use of plastic bottles.

Joan Cuscó, President of Beach Soccer Worldwide, stated: “Sustainability is a value we hold in high regard. This partnership with Bluewater not only reflects our commitment to this principle but also serves as a clear demonstration that our sport cares deeply about preserving the beauty of the beaches where we host our tournaments. Together with Bluewater, we are taking meaningful steps towards a cleaner, more sustainable future for beach soccer.”

“We understand the significance of proper hydration both when it comes to maximizing athletic performance and hydrating fans at large-scale events, especially in challenging environments like beach soccer tournaments,” said Bluewater Founder and CEO Bengt Rittri, a Swedish environmental entrepreneur.

Beach soccer is a fast-paced and physically demanding sport, requiring athletes to stay hydrated to maintain their performance levels and prevent fatigue.

Mr. Rittri noted that Bluewater has built a massive reputation in the events industry worldwide for the depth of its commitment to promoting health and vitality with innovative and sustainable hydration solutions for events, venues, and concerts. Bluewater’s solutions allow locally available water to be purified and chilled on-site, offering refreshing and hydrating refills where and when they are required. Bluewater’s philosophy therefore ends the need for plastic water bottles and other single-use vessels.

“We are delighted at Bluewater to bring our extensive knowledge about water and sustainability, and the importance of hydration to health and well-being, into a partnership with Beach Soccer Worldwide. The deployment of our systems will enable a state-of-the-art and environmentally sensitive hydration ecosphere to be provided for athletes, staff, and fans throughout the intensive event” Mr Rittri said.

Bluewater’s hydration solutions have gained recognition for their unique delivery of refreshing and essential source hydration at a host of top-level sporting events, including The Open, The AIG Women’s Open, The Ocean Race, the America’s Cup, and numerous running events, including the Cape Town Marathon.

“With this fantastic partnership in the world of beach soccer, we have further reinforced our position at Bluewater as the go-to player in the sports hydration industry. Our dedication to supporting athletes to perform at their best and ensuring event fans can properly hydrate, without the damaging impacts of single-use plastic bottles, further emphasises our commitment to sustainability and innovation,” said Philip Russell, the Managing Director of Bluewater’s international events operation.

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