Semi-finalists decided in Argentina’s Torneo Transición

Argentino de Rosario score 18 to join Huracán in the final four

The final two group matches of the Torneo Transición 2021, decided the two clubs set to join Racing Club and Acassuso in very contrasting ways.

Huracán narrowly defeated Barracas from the penalty line, while an imperious Argentino de Rosario blasted their way into the semi-finals by building a 15-goal advantage over their ADCC Canning opponents. 

In Group B, Huracán were dragged all the way to the penalty spot, as Sicilia scored two for Barracas Central to keep the scores tied. But in a cruel twist of fate, it was Sicilia who then missed the penalty to lose Barracas the match, and Huracán breathed a sigh of relief, just snatching a place the semi-finals.

In the second match at the Lanús Sports Center, Argentino de Rosario defeated their Group A rivals Canning by an incredible 18 goals to three, with Varder Werf netting four, to cruise into the next round. 


Into the Semi-finals

Now, Huracán and Argentino de Rosario will face Acassuso and Racing Club, who were leading the 2019-2020 edition, but were unable to take part in the Group Stage due to the coronavirus pandemic. These two clubs had already secured places in the semi-finals.

The winners of the tournament will qualify for the 2021 National Beach Soccer League, a tournament that will see teams vie for a place at the Copa Libertadores, a tournament that will be played in Rosario, Argentina from 28 November to 5 December.




Matchday 1 (14 February) 

Argentino de Rosario 3 – Atlético Zelaya 0 (Group A)

Huracán 4 – Ituzaingó 1 (Group B)


Free: ADCC Canning and Barracas Central


Matchday 2 (17 February) 

Atlético Zelaya 10 – 9 ADCC Canning (Group A)

Ituzaingó 4 – 6 Barracas Central (Group B)


Free: Argentino de Rosario and Huracán


Matchday 3 (21 February)

ADCC Canning 3 – 18 Argentino de Rosario (Group A)

Barracas Central 3(2) – (3)3 Huracán (Group B)


Free Atlético Zelaya and Ituzaingó


Semi-finals (24 February)

Racing Club – Argentino de Rosario

Acassuso – Huracán


Final (28 February)

Winner Semi-final 1 – Winner Semi-final 2

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