Real Münster still top of the German Beach Soccer League

Die Mannschaft number 10 Joscha Metzler leads the scoring charts with 15 goals after six matchdays

German Beach Soccer Championships has now seen six matchdays disputed, and the two-time Euro Winners Cup semi-finalists, Real Münster, remain at the top of the table with a perfect score of 18 points.

However, Beach Royals Düsseldorf are still just behind them on goal difference, also on 18 points. Real Münster’s superior goal difference of an impressive 32 currently separates the clubs at the top of the table.

They were helped in their prolific goal-scoring by a big win over 12-3 win over SandBall Leipzig, and a 9-1 victory over Golden Goalers Korbach.

Rostocker Robben and Bavaria Beach Bazis have 12 points and make up third and fourth place. Behind them is Rostocker Robben II who have won three and lost three.

Real Münster also claim the two leading goal scorers in the league, as Joscha Metzler with 15 goals, and Christian Biermann with 13, are ahead in the scoring race.

There are ten clubs taking part in the 2022 German league, and the next stage will begin on 9 July.


Hertha BSC 1-6 Bavaria Beach Bazis
FC Versandkostenfrei 2-4 Beach Boyz Waldkraiburg
Golden Goalers Korbach 5-6 Rostocker Robben II
SandBall Leipzig 1-3 Beach Royals Düsseldorf
Rostocker Robben 5-6 Real Münster
FC Versandkostenfrei 0-3 Bavaria Beach Bazis
Rostocker Robben II 5-8 Beach Royals Düsseldorf
Hertha BSC 6-4 Golden Goalers Korbach

Rostocker Robben 7-1 Beach Boyz Waldkraiburg
SandBall Leipzig 3-12 Real Münster
Beach Royals Düsseldorf 5-3 Bavaria Beach Bazis
FC Versandkostenfrei 3-7 Rostocker Robben II
Hertha BSC 4-2 Beach Boyz Waldkraiburg
SandBall Leipzig 3-9 Rostocker Robben
Golden Goalers Korbach 1-9 Real Münster

STANDINGS (after 6 matchdays)

1st – Real Münster
2nd – Beach Royals Düsseldorf
3rd – Rostocker Robben
4th – Bavaria Beach Bazis
5th – Rostocker Robben II
6th – Hertha BSC
7th – Beach Boyz Waldkraiburg
8th – FC Versandkostenfrei
9th – SandBall Leipzig
10th – Golden Goalers Korbach

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