Official Puma beach soccer ball released!

The new ball has a classic orange look and will be the official ball in the 2022 season

The official Puma beach soccer ball has been revealed ahead of the approaching season, and we’re heading back to our origins with a new but classic look…

Puma have taken us back to the classic orange colour for the 2022 season, whilst maintaining the highest quality of the previous ball, ‘The Final’.

The new official beach soccer ball will be available soon – click here to pre-order yours right now!

About the Ball

The new Puma ball maintains a hybrid construction with no visible seams for improved durability, increased shape retention and reduced water absorption.

It has six panels with equal surface area. These bigger panels make for better and softer shots and better control with bare feet.

Combined with a 1mm TPU outer with multi-foam backing, the ball has a soft touch, good aerodynamic characteristics and is abrasion-resistant.

An inner rubber bladder with a PAL (Puma Air Lock) valve means that the ball has excellent air retention and, as always, is produced to FIFA Quality Pro standard, ensuring the highest level of performance.

The Original Orange is back!


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