New structure of the BSWW rankings for clubs

New ruling will see clubs participating in national championships earn points in official BSWW rankings

Beach Soccer Worldwide, in an effort to develop beach soccer club competitions all over the world, has announced some alterations in the ranking system, giving more opportunities to clubs and federations to improve their position and status in beach soccer.

In a strategic decision, communicated to all national FAs, Beach Soccer Worldwide will award points to all clubs participating in their national championships, that comply with certain conditions.

First and foremost, these national championships need to be fully endorsed by the host FA, and the number of points will also follow a set of coefficients, depending on the position of the national team in the BSWW Overall Rankings.

It is important to specify that only one championship per country, the official beach soccer league, will be accepted, always in accordance with the nation’s FA. Cup competition will not be counted in the official rankings.

Similarly, international club competitions sanctioned by BSWW will also be awarded points, in order to strengthen the links with the BSWW spectrum.

These competitions will need to be approved and endorsed by the national FA of the country where they take place, and the teams participating must be endorsed by their own FA and BSWW.

At the same time, these competitions may be streamed through BSWW channels, thus offering the event more exposure and credibility.

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