MFC Spartak win Varna Beach Soccer Cup

The competition took place in Bulgaria over the weekend

MFC Spartak claimed the fifth edition of the Varna International Beach Soccer Cup, which took place on the sands of Varna from 20-22 May.

Romania’s West Deva and Moldova’s Nistru also took part in the competition, as all three teams played each other twice.

The champions of Bulgaria won all four matches, first beating Nistru 4-2. After that, Simeon Hristov’s men defeated Nistru, winning 9-6 and Vladislav Mirchev, a Varna native who played in the 2008 Champions League against Real Madrid and Juventus, scored for MFC Spartak in that match.

In their third match, Spartak defeated the Moldovans for the second time, this time narrowly, just 5-4. They then completed their perfect form by beating West Deva 10-4 in their last match.

The Moldovans of Nistru finished in second place, bagging two victories over the Romanians, 6-4 and 7-5

The tournament was the ideal preparation for all three teams ahead of their participation in the Euro Winners Cup in Nazaré, Portugal at the start of June. MFC Spartak and Nistru were coincidentally drawn into the same group, and will meet each other once more in just a few short weeks.


Friday 20/05
MFC Spartak 4-2 West Deva
Nistru 6-9 MFC Spartak

Saturday 21/05
West Deva 4-6 Nistru
MFC Spartak 5-4 Nistru
West Deva 4-10 MFC Spartak

Sunday 22/05
Nistru 7-5 West Deva


Photo: MFC Spartak

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