Madjer Beach Soccer Cup: Day 2

Action continued at the Praia de Buarcos with both U16 and U18 titleholders securing a place in today’s semi-finals

The Madjer Cup hit the home straight at the Praia de Buarcos in Figueira da Foz, Portugal, as the four semi-finalists in both the U16 and U18 were known.

In the quarter-finals, Italian defending-champions Lazio beat german side Rostocker Robben to claim their spot in the semi-finals of the U18 tournament where they’ll face locals Naval 1893, while “O Sótão” will face Sesimbra.

“O Sótão” and Naval also earned a place the semi-finals in the U16 category. Titleholders “O Sótão” will face Alfarim, while Naval will play against AR Amarelle.


Group A
ACD “O Sótão” 2-8 Isle of Wight
Naval 1893 3-3 GD Ilha
Isle of Wight 8-1 GD Ilha
ACD “O Sótão” 6-3 Naval 1893

Group B
AR Amarelle 6-4 GD Alfarim
AD Buarcos 2-9 GD Chaves
AD Buarcos 2-8 AR Amarelle
GD Chaves 4-6 GD Alfarim

Group C
EF Hugo Almeida 1-9 Lazio

Group D
GD Ilha 2-3 Isle of Wight

Group E
Rostocker Robben 1-4 ACD “O Sótão”

Group F
Sesimbra BS 4-3 GD Chaves

Lazio BS 5-3 Rostocker Robben
AD Buarcos (2)4-4(3) Naval 1893
ACD “O Sótão” 4-2 Isle of Wight
Sesimbra BS 5-4 GD Alfarim

9th-12th Play-offs
EF Hugo Almeida 4-4 Praia da Leirosa
GD Ilha 5-4 GD Chaves

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