Groups announced for the World Winners Cup 2023

The men's and women's World Winners Cup 2023 groups have been drawn

With the World Winners Cup 2023 set to get started in Alghero on the 26th September 2023, the groups for this year’s tournament were officially drawn on 30th August, as the fate of clubs from around the globe was decided in the men’s and women’s competitions.

Last year’s winners, Real Münster (men) and Lady Grembach (women) came out victorious in Cagliari, but teams from North, Central and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia will compete to write their names in the tournament’s history books this year on the island of Sardegna.

The men’s tournament consists of 32 teams who were split into four corresponding groups, whilst the women’s competition contains nine clubs who are equally divided into three groups.

In the men’s competition, as the host country club, ASD Napoli (ITA) were selected as the number one seed as the host country club in A1 and Real Münster (GER) were the second seeded side in B1 as champions of the World Winners Cup 2022. The third to sixth highest-ranked sides from the BSWW Overall Club Ranking amongst the participating sides were allocated places C1 to F1, whilst the eight teams in Group G and H only consisted of sides from the CAF and AFC regions.

As the host country club, Cagliari Beach Soccer (ITA) were considered the number one seed as A1 in the women’s tournament, whilst the World Winners Cup 2022 Runners-up, Lazo (JPN) and the number one ranked side from the BSWW Overall Women Club Ranking, Barra de Santiago (SLV) made up the number two and three seeds, as B1 and C1.

Men’s Groups
Group A
A1 – ASD Napoli (ITA)
A2 – Coppenhagan BSC (DEN)
A3 – Minots de Marseille (FRA)
A4 – BS ViOn (SVK)

Group B
B1 – Real Münster (GER)
B2 – Naxos BS (ITA)
B3 – FC Genappe (BEL)
B4 – Dalian (CHN)

Group C
C1 – Falfala Kafr Qassem (ISR)
C2 – Canada BSC (CAN)
C3 – Casa Benfica Viseu (POR)
C4 – Catania FC (ITA)

Group D
D1 – Napoli Patron BSC (GRE)
D2 – Recreativo de Huelva (ESP)
D3 – Newteam Brussels (BEL)
D4 – Riga FC (LVA)

Group E
E1 – Marseille BT (FRA)
E2 – Bologna BS (ITA)
E3 – BSC Vybor (UKR)
E4 – Mazarrón (ESP)

Group F
F1 – Barra de Santiago (SLV)
F2 – Artur Music BSC (UKR)
F3 – Pafos FC (CYP)
F4 – Cali BSC (USA)

Group G
G1 – Mutoola BSC (UGA)
G2 – Blue Eagles (MWI)
G3 – Yoff Beach Soccer (SEN)
G4 – MBAO Beach Envi (SEN)

Group H
H1 – South Refineries (IRQ)
H2 – Malika BS (SEN)
H3 – Kebbi BS (NGA)
H4 – JKT Tanzania (TAN)

Women’s Groups
Group A
A1 – Cagliari BS (ITA)
A2 – Sao Pedro BS (BRA)
A3 – Santa Cruz BS (USA)

Group B
B1 – Lazo (JPN)
B2 – Marseille BT (FRA)
B3 – Cali BSC (USA)

Group C
C1 – Barra de Santiago (SLV)
C2 – Mryia-2006 (UKR)
C3 – BSZ Ladies (NED) will bring you all the latest about the World Winners Cup 2023.

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