Euro Winners Cup 2024 – Women down to the final four

Recreativo de Huelva, CD Higicontrol, Pozoalbaense and Red Devils Ladies Chojnice to play the semi-finals

Four quarter-finals were played to decide who would make it to the semi-finals…


Pozoalbaense win 4-2 against Enpie Malaga.
The opening period and it was Pozoalbaense who took the lead through Campoy after a lovely volley which went straight through the arms of the goalkeeper of Malaga. It was 2-0 with minutes left of the first period as Irene Mateos scored.

The second period stayed at 2-0 to Pozoalbaense with just 12 minutes remaining of the game.

The scoreline was halved as Manau scored for Malaga. The game was wide open with that goal. However, the next goal went the way of Pozoalbaense as Irene Mateos put the ball in. Cris G scored for Malaga to once again give them some hope of getting back into the game. The game was put to bed as Campoy once again scored to see Pozoalbaense into the semi-finals.

Recreativo de Huelva win 3-2 against Mazzarón.
The opening goal went the way of Mazarrón within the first 10 seconds. The ball was played down the right-hand side from kick off, ball played across to Vega who had the shot, it found its way into the bottom corner of the Huelva goal. Maria scored the equaliser for Huelva after a lovely play from the keeper who chipped the ball into Maria’s feet, she turned on the volley and saw it fly past the goalkeeper. The final minute of the first period and Patri put Mazarrón back in front.

The only play of the second period and with seven seconds left it was Maria who equalised for Huelva going into the final 12 minutes of the quarter final.

An early goal for Huelva as Marin struck one from distance and it made its way underneath the keeper and into the net to put them in front for the first time today. The final whistle ended with a great comeback from Recreativo de Huelva who progress to the final four of the competition after winning 3-2 against Mazarrón.

CD Higicontrol win 4-0 against Marseille BT.
In the first period it took until the 10th minute for the first goal, and it came from Kornelia to help the Spanish team take a 1-0 lead into the second period.

The second period was still favouring Higicontrol with that 1-0 advantage. The period was very competitive and the remaining 12 minutes had it all to play for.

12 minutes of the game remaining, and a goal came quickly as a double for Kornelia. The goal put Higicontrol in the driving seat. With just under six minutes remaining and Natalia made it 3-0 and put one foot into the semi-finals for the Spanish team. The game was capped off by Corbacho as she ended the game for Marseille and made it 4-0 and put both of Higicontrol’s feet into the semi-final.

Red Devils Ladies Chojnice win 5-2 against AD Pastéis.
The first period and two early goals one for Pastéis which came through an own goal by Palacios in the red devils net. The second came courtesy of Szpera as she scored from kick off. With two minutes remaining, Pastéis took the lead as Sil smashed the ball home to take a 2-1 lead into the second period.

The second period and Sudyk levelled the game for Red Devils. The scoreline was 2-2. The final bit of action came with less than a minute remaining and it was a goal for Red Devils and Banaszkiewicz to put the Polish side in front with just 12 minutes left of the game.

The final period and Gozdek put the Red Devils two in front with two minutes remaining of the game. Two seconds remaining in the game and Godzek scored their fifth to win 5-2 and put the Polish side into the semi-finals of the Euro Winners Cup.


Pozoalbaense 4-2 Enpie Malaga
Mazzarón 2-3 Recreativo de Huelva
Marseille BT 0-4 CD Higicontrol
AD Pastéis 2-5 Red Devils Ladies Chojnice

9th/10th place
ACD O Sótão 5-4 Minots de Marseille

11th/12th place
SC Rappiranhas 3-3 Fun and Learning (SC Rappiranhas win 4-2 on penalties)

13th/14th place
BSZ Ladies 4-6 Riga FC

15th/16th place
AD Nazaré 2022 4-1 Estoril Praia

Fixtures (15/06/24)
Recreativo de Huelva vs CD Higicontrol
Pozoalbaense vs Red Devils Ladies Chojnice

5th-8th place play-offs
Mazzarón vs Marseille BT
Enpie Malaga vs AD Pastéis

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