El Salvador and Mexico hit first!

Hosts dominate Germany as the Azteca turn score around to stun Uruguay when everything seemed lost

The opening match day at the El Salvador Beach Soccer Cup 2022 was not short in magic and drama, with a packed stadium that enjoyed great beach soccer, and a stunning reaction very few seemed to rely on…

Brilliant comeback gets Mexico the win

Nothing seemed to point to a Mexican victory this afternoon at the opening matchday of the El salvador Beach Soccer Cup when Gonzalo Rosa got Uruguay the 3-1 three minutes into the last period.

But the Mexican side, with prolific Cristofher Castillo up front (two goals for the Azteca new talent today), amazingly turned things around, leaving the Celeste, one of the sensations of the past FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, empty-handed.

El Salvador tie Germany’s hands

The battle between Salvadorans and Germans was fiercely contested, as everyone could expect from two teams of such a pedigree. David Hoeveler equalized the first of Frank Velasquez’s hits today, but Rivera swept the hosts ahead again with an outrageous free kick rocket.

After that hit, El Salvador would not let their opponents grow on the Costa del Sol sand again, and Frank doubled the distance, bringing immense joy to the packed and noisy stands. Just to avoid any potential reaction, Exon Perdomo beat the German goalkeeper once more, thus sealing a very valuable win for the Cuscatlecos, who sit atop the table after this first day.

Click here for complete stats and standings: https://beachsoccer.com/event/el-salvador-beach-soccer-cup-2022

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