Copa América ready for kick-off

The South American continental showdown kicks off tomorrow in Asunción

Everything is ready at the Estadio Mundialista Los Pynandi in Asunción, Paraguay, for the CONMEBOL Copa América de Fútbol Playa to begin.

Ten South American nations will square off to see if Brazil win the third consecutive title or if there will be new beach soccer kings on the continent.

Joining hosts Paraguay in Group A are Ecuador, Argentina, Chile and Colombia, while title holders Brazil take on Uruguay, Bolivia, Perú and Venezuela in Group B.

Venezuela and Bolivia are the two teams responsible for the kick-off at 12:30h followed by Colombia taking on Argentina at 14:00h. Current champions Brazil start their campaign against Perú at 17:30h, while Paraguay will count on the home crowd as they face Chile to finish Matchday 1 at 17:00h.

The top two teams of each group will advance to the semi-finals. The teams finishing in third to fifth will proceed to play in placement matches against the teams finishing in the same position in the other group to define the fifth place, the seventh place and the ninth place in the final ranking of the competition.

Keep an eye on for fixtures, results and news on the CONMEBOl Copa América de Fútbol Playa 2022.

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