Beach Soccer Digital Collectibles Summer Drop Guide

Are you prepared for the hottest Drop of 2022? Read this article until the end and make sure you are ready when the time comes!

Beach Soccer Summer Drop is a partnership between Beach Soccer Worldwide and RealFevr to launch BSWW’s historical and iconic video moments as digital collectibles!


Both the Pre-Sale and Public Sale will happen on the same day: August 31st.

The Pre-Sale, however, will happen 1 hour earlier than the Public Sale and only allowlisted users will be able to participate.


In this Drop, the total supply of packs will be scarcer than ever. For that reason, we expect the Pre-Sale to sell out even faster than the previous Drop, as it will work in a First Come First Served (FCFS) model.

If you are allowlisted and don’t manage to purchase any packs on the Pre-Sale, worry not. You will have another chance at the Public Sale (everyone can participate), where the vast majority of the packs will be available.

Packs available for the Pre-Sale:
– 500 Rare Packs
– 100 Ultra Packs

You are automatically allowlisted if you did any of the following:

  • You have participated in Drop #3 Packs Sale
  • You have completed the Common, Special, and Epic tier of at least 1 Dropbook — snapshot will be taken on August 27th
  • You have subscribed to the “Incoming Drop” Newsletter until August 22nd. If you have done it until that date, then you will receive an email asking for your wallet address with the confirmation of your spot.


There will be 2 different tiers of packs for this Drop:

  • Rare Packs: $29 and 4 beach soccer moments included
  • Ultra Packs: $139 and 10 beach soccer moments included


You can access the list of players who will integrate this upcoming Drop here.


Dropbooks are digital albums from each of our Drop Collections!

Every new Drop brings a new Dropbook and every new Dropbook brings new rewards and opportunities to earn XP and level up within our ecosystem!
This time, we will release the Dropbook at the same time as the packs opening moment!

Also, have you watched the official beach soccer collectibles video?

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