2021, a year of new beginnings

Joan Cusco official portrait

Joan Cusco, BSWW President

2021 will without doubt be a period for new beginnings. As the world has suffered one of the most challenging periods in recent decades, we all have been through an intense process of learning at many different levels.

These learnings, these life lessons, have made us stronger, wiser and more adaptable in our mission to keep doing what we enjoy most: beach soccer.

Over these challenging months, we have made the most of our time. We have been investing a lot of effort in preparing new things, setting up new systems and creating new competitions. Now it is time to set all these new things in motion and enjoy all the benefits.

In this 2021 that we are fully immersed in we will not only enjoy the eleventh edition of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, taking place in Moscow in August, but the beach soccer family will grow once again with new events, new formats and new venues.

Indeed, after all these months, 2021 began in full force and we have had the opportunity to experience already three amazing beach soccer events in our beloved Nazaré: The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup European Qualifiers, the first stage of the Euro Beach Soccer League, and the first stage of the brand new Women’s Euro Beach Soccer League, precisely one of those new competitions we have put so much thrill and excitement on.

But that’s not the only move for women’s beach soccer, which has made another huge step this season with the creation of the Women’s Intercontinental Cup, which is set to become the toughest and most competitive women’s competition on the global scene. Four teams from all over the world will lift the curtain on the maiden edition, to be played at the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup stadium.

At the same time, new countries and cities keep joining the beach soccer circuit, and this year, after the pandemic prevented it in 2020, Moldova will make their star appearance in the EBSL, hosting the Division B competition in their magnificent brand new stadium in Chisinau, another event that we are particularly looking forward to.

Another new surprise we have been working on is a brand new official website, launched as the competition in Nazaré unfolded, in which you can to find all the information on your favourite sport, presented in a much more intuitive and efficient way, and with a more streamlined and modern design. With hundreds of new features, the new beachsoccer.com will maintain all of the utilities it had before, but is now supercharged with an exhaustive stats platform.

This will help you enjoy beach soccer on a whole new level and at the same time it will give you the chance to analyse the games, player by player, team by team, without missing a trick.

As you will be aware, not many beach soccer events could take place in 2020, but we have not wasted a moment in rethinking everything so that beach soccer continues to grow, becomes more and more attractive and more and more appealing to our fans.

2021 will be a year to remember – it is time to make waves on sand again.

Enjoy the season.


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