Women’s Russian beach soccer championship kicks off today!

You can watch the matches online at beachsoccer.com

Wednesday sees the beginning of the Russian Women’s Beach Soccer Championship in Moscow.

The first game will see the defending champions WFC Zvezda take on WFC Alfa-09 in their first step towards title retention.

This match kicks off at 14:30h (Moscow time) and, along with the other games, will be available to watch live at beachsoccer.com/live 

There are eight teams competing in total, split into two groups. In Group A are: WFC Alfa–09, WFC Zvezda, SGSPU-EKOVOZ and WFC Zadornye, and in Group B: WFC Groza, WFC Lex, Drive 32 and WFC Strogino.

After the three days of group stage matches, the best four teams will head into a semi-final round and then a final and play-offs for finishing place will be played on the last day.


Day 1 Fixtures (12/08) 

WFC Alfa-09 – WFC Zvezda

WFC Groza – WFC Lex


Drive 32 –WFC Strogino


For more details head to  bsrussia.com 

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