The Final to be official ball for 2021 season too

After the great reception of the ball by the beach soccer community after its official launch, PUMA and Beach Soccer Worldwide have decided to keep it for the coming year as well

The Final, the official beach soccer ball by PUMA, will continue to be used as the official ball for all competitions in the 2021, as decided by PUMA and Beach Soccer Worldwide, following the excellent feedback received by beach soccer professionals across the world, following its unveiling in Moscow.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic preventing many international beach soccer events from taking place, the Final has made a superb impression already, and its outstanding performance and superior touch make it the ideal ball for what promises to be an exciting 2021 season.

“2020 has been a challenging year for everyone in the world. The unprecedented pandemic has limited sports to take place like we have not seen in recent decades. Going into the 2021 season, PUMA is happy and proud to continue supporting professional beach soccer by continuing to provide a ball that has received such great feedback by our world’s elite players” said Manolo Schürmann, PUMA’s Head of Sports Marketing – Teamsport, said. 

Despite the lack of competitions, thousands of players around the world have been training with the Final over the past few months, getting ready to compete at the highest level as soon as the conditions allow. The ball has been arriving at its various new homes across the globe and the recipients have been sending nothing but positive reviews back.

On such example was from the Morocco captain, Nassim El Hadaoui, who said, “It is a seriously high-quality ball. It is great to play with”, and his words were echoed by numerous others, including Rui Coimbra from the Portugal squad: “I really like the weight of the PUMA ball. It is easy to control and you can hit really powerful shots with it.”

His teammate Jordan Santos, currently best player in the world, said, “For me, the Final is perfect. I can’t wait to score some more goals with it!”, just as Christian Biermann, the German captain, highlighted: ‘I love the new ball, it is great for playing and shooting. The colour is really nice and easy to see on the sand and on a TV screen.”

In a very similar line, England star Molly Clark said, “I really like the weight of PUMA ball. It means you can control it well and it doesn’t move as much in the air”, while her fellow Lioness Sarah Kempson, 2017 world’s best player, said, “I like the new Puma ball a lot. You can create both power and precision. I think it’s a good ball for goalkeepers too as there’s a good weight to it.”

It is so encouraging to hear that the ball is bringing so much joy to our beach soccer family spread across the world, and it is exciting to think that its time on the sand won’t be cut short by the occurrences of the last few months.


Photo: DonProd

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