The Euro Winners Cup 2024 is ready for the knockouts

Teams qualify for the Round of 16 in Nazaré

The final set of group stage fixtures took place in Nazaré ahead the Round of 16….


Group A
CD Victoria win 5-1 against ES Brainoise.
The first period started, and the Spanish side took the lead through Abagli. Busselot levelled the game for Brainoise with three minutes to play until the second period. CD Victoria went back in front through Demtrius-Franklin as the first period ended the Spanish team took a 1-2 lead into the next period.

A third goal for CD Victoria in the second period, Abagli with his double to put his side 1-3 ahead. The final 12 minutes of the game and Cassemiro and Joselito added their names to the scoresheet to put the game to bed as CD Victoria sealed a 1-5 win.

ACD O Sótão win 4-2 against Real Münster.
The German side Real Münster, took the lead courtesy of Biermann in the first period. Chicky Ardil equalised for the Portuguese team with a lovely finish to beat the keeper. Benjamin Jr topped off the scoring for Sótão in the first period to give the local side a 2-1 lead.

The second period ended as Jordan scored Sótão’s third of the game with one second remaining in the period.

As the third period started Sótão were up 3-1 and that lead increased as Batalha scored to put them 4-1 in front. Hodel scored a late consolation goal, but it wasn’t to be for Real Münster.

Group B
Falfala KQ win BSC against 9-2 MFC Spartak.
Falfala kicked off the scoring with a close range freekick from Ott, moments later Jabareen slotted home their second. Rodrigo added their third and Omry popped up to make it 4-0. One minute after Falfala made it four, Dimitrov put the ball in for Spartak with the conclusion of the first period.

In the second period it was Falfala’s goalkeeper Eliott who scored after a one two with Bruno Xavier and he struck the ball from near his goal to make it 5-1. Moreb scored number six through a penalty. Amer Yatim scored the seventh for Falfala as he struck a lovely volley into the bottom corner past the goalkeeper of Spartak.

Into the third period and an early goal for Jabareen after the keeper paried his first shot straight back to him and he slotted the ball underneath him into the net. A spectacular bicycle kick for Ott made it 9-1. Spartak pulled a goal back as Francisko scored with one minute left of the game.

The game ended with Falfala crusing to victory over the Bulgarian side.

Bavaria Beach Bazis win 3-0 against Frösö IF.
The German side Bavaria Beach Bazis struck first through Ströbel in the first period of the game. It was the only goal of the period which saw them take a 1-0 lead into the second period.

The second period arrived, and Zunic scored for Beach Bazis to double their lead to two.

The third period saw a goal for Beach Bazis as Rigo scored to make it 3-0. The German side held out to keep the scoreline at 3-0 and take the win.

Group C
SC Braga win 4-2 against Marseille BT.
In the first period, no side could make the breakthrough however it took until the second period for Braga to break the deadlock, it came through Pintado with five minutes until the end of the period. With three seconds of the second period, Tim scores a free kick which wrong footed the Marseille goalkeeper to make it 2-0.

Léo Martins put SC Braga 3-0 up in the final period to send Braga on their way to their way to three points. It only got better for Braga as Bê Martins made it four. Marseille scored a consolation goal for Marseille through Varrel as the score is 4-1. With 14 seconds remaining, Addarii scored for Marseille but Braga took all three points with a 4-2 win.

Bonyhád BSC win 5-4 against BS Slavia.
As the first period it was Bonyhád who broke the deadlock through Genczler and Patócs moments later made it two. Valeš brought one back for Slavia Praha however 10 seconds later, Patócs picked up his second of the game. The first period ended with Bonyhád having a 1-3 lead.

The second period started and Patócs completed the hat trick to put the Hungarian side 1-4 up. Doležal halved the deficit for the Czech team with Valeš scoring to make it 3-4 and giving Slavia Praha some hope.

With 48 seconds left of the final period, Bonyhád put the final nail in the coffin to see the scoreline 3-5. Třesňák scored for Slavia Praha but it was too little too late as Bonyhád picked up three points.

Group D
Farmaè Viareggio win 9-0 against BSC Husty.
Viareggio were first to open the scoring in the first period as it came through Manfredi, however, it was the only goal of the first period.
The second period and the floodgates opened for Viareggio as Gori and Remedi scored early on to make it 3-0, Zé Lucas scored a double, Eudin and Gori’s double made it 7-0 for the Italian side with 12 minutes left of play.

The final period of the game and Viareggio made it 8-0 courtesy of Remedi who scored his double. Viareggio added a ninth goal by Genovali.

The game ended with a convincing win by Viareggio to claim three points.

ACS West Deva win 6-2 against Mouilleron SF.
Two goals in the first period from West Deva as Luanzinho and Rainer put them 2-0 up, Paris scored to halve the score with two minutes left of the half.

West Deva extended their lead through Maci in the second period to make it 3-1 going into the final period.

The final period saw three more goals for West Deva as Maci completed his hat trick and Cosmin made it 6-1. With 45 seconds of the game remaining, Gravouille scored a consolation goal however it wasn’t enough.

Group E
Recreativo de Huelva win 5-4 against Riga FC.
Three early goals for Riga saw the side 0-3 up in the first period of play. Goals by Igor Ricardo x2 and Wesley Silva helped the team take an early advantage. Huelva pulled a goal back to bring the game to 1-3 via Brian.

The second period and Suli Batis scored for Huelva to reduce Riga’s lead to just one goal. With four minutes of the second left to play, Cassano scored an equaliser for the Spanish team. Igor Ricardo completed his hat trick with less than two minutes to play to give Riga the lead again.

Huelva took the lead through two goals coming from Cassano and Carballo to make the scoreline 5-4 to the Spanish side with two minutes to play. Huelva held onto the lead to claim a win after a tight game.

BS Altena win 6-2 against FC Baggio.
A quick start for Altena as Sjoerd opened the scoring for the Dutch team. Turpeinen equalised for Baggio but 30 seconds later Alterna retook the lead, and it was Bjorn who scored to make it 1-2 in the first period. Koek topped off the first period with a goal for Altena. Baggio brought the scoreline back to 2-3 as Lätti scored however Bjorn with his second of the game put Altena two goals ahead.

Koek with his second of the game made it 1-5 to the Dutch team in the final period. A minute later and Tiira scored for FC Baggio. 10 seconds later Bjorn completed his hat trick to take Altena 2-6 up.

The game ended with Altena completing a dominating performance to pick up all three points.

Group F
Rostocker Robben win 2–1 against BSC Pafos.
Pablo Pérez kicked off the scoring for Rostocker Robben in the first period. The first period ended with a goal for Pafos from Klitou. The scoreline was 1-1 going into the second period.

As the second period kicked off it was Pablo Pérez once again who scored to take the lead for Rostocker Robben.

The game stayed at 2-1 for the remainder of the game which meant Rostocker Robben claimed all three points after a 2-1 win.

BSC Nistru win 3-1 against BSC Batumi.
It was Nistru who opened the scoring in the first two minutes as Ignat scored to make it 1-0. Batumi hit back one minute later as Partenadze equalised. Two more goals followed, and it was Nistru who they came for as Popescu and Borovschi scored to make it 3-1.

A goalless final two periods of the game meant Nistru won 3-1.

Group G
Lenergy Pisa BS win 1-0 against Minots de Marseille.
The first two periods of the game were locked together as neither side managed to make a breakthrough.

Only the one goal in the game and it come in the final period through Mariani Simo for Pisa as they picked up three points.

Platja De Roses win 4-3 against AD Nazaré 2022.
The first period of the game and Platja de Roses opened the scoring as Pepe put them in front. AD Nazaré equalised through João Oliveira but 30 seconds later Fran Mejias put Platja de Roses back in front.

The second period kicked off and Platja de Roses extended their lead to 1-3 as Alex scored. The score was added to, and it was Nene for Platja de Roses with four minutes to play. In the third period, Nazaré 2022 scored two quick goals as Tiago Legua fought back to make it 4-3 however, it was too little too late for Nazaré.

Group H
TSOR win 5-2 against GRAP.
The first action of the game fell for TSOR as Drozd smashed home an early goal for the Belarussian team. That was all for the first period. TSOR took a 1-0 lead into the second period.

The second period and a goal within the first two minutes for GRAP as Vasco struck the ball past the TSOR goalkeeper. The final 12 minutes and both sides are equal.

The final 12 minutes and a goal for GRAP within the first three seconds, it was Piatrouski who scored from kick off. A goal to TSOR and Drozd scored his second of the game and TSOR’s third to make it 1-3. A goal for GRAP as Guerra reduces the scoreline to one with five minutes remaining. TSOR scored again to increase their lead back to two goals and this time from Hardzetski with three minutes to hold out on. Two minutes left of play and Novikau scored their fifth of the game to put the Belarussian team three goals ahead. TSOR were too strong for GRAP, and this saw them take all three points.

Catania BS win 2-1 against Rosh Haayin.
The first two periods had the sides locked together with no team making the first move. It was an evenly matched two periods. It was all to play for in the final 12 minutes.

The first goal went to Catania after a free kick by Josep Jr bounced right over the goalkeeper leaving him with no chance of saving it. With four minutes left of the period, there was an equaliser for Rosh Haayin by Elihay.

The game couldn’t be decided in normal time so added time was needed. The deadlock was broken by Iguigno with just over a minute to hold on.

The Italian side held out to claim two points with a win.

Group I
Ercis Spor win 4-2 on penalties against Havana Shots, after a 2-2 draw in the match.
The first period saw the deadlock broken by Havana Shots coming from Caldas as he put his side 1-0 ahead going into the second period.

It was still 1-0 as the second period ended with the game being very competitive.

There was an early equaliser for Ercis Spor in the third period as Barboza put the Turkish side level with 10 minutes to play. Paulo scored for Ercis Spor to take the lead but straight from kick off Steinemann levelled the game again.

The game needed extra time and penalties to decide the winner. The Turkish side Ercis Spor won on penalties by 2-4 to claim a point.

ASD Napoli win 7-6 against Napoli Patron BSC.
In the first period it was the Italian side ASD Napoli who took the lead through Kuman and a minute later Palmacci made it 0-2. Beshr scored for Napoli Patron to halve the deficit but a minute later Sanfilippo scored for ASD Napoli put themselves two ahead again.

The second period and two quick goals for Stavropoulos and Pareja which was the equaliser for Napoli Patron. Two quick goals again for ASD Napoli as Lucao and Zurlo put them 3-5 in front. Paloumpis narrowed the scoreline down to one goal and with three minutes left to play an equaliser for Napoli Patron as Beshr scored his second of the game. The game was level going into the final period of the game.

The final period of the game and Lucao scored for ASD Napoli to restore their lead. With two minutes left, Beshr equalised and scored his hat trick which took the tie into overtime.

In overtime a goal in the last second from Italian side ASD Napoli from Sanfilippo secured them two points.


Group A
ES Brainoise 1-5 CD Victoria
ACD O Sótão 4-2 Real Münster

Group B
Falfala KQ BSC 9-2 MFC Spartak
Bavaria Beach Bazis 3-0 Frösö IF

Group C
SC Braga 4-2 Marseille BT
BS Slavia 4-5 Bonyhád BSC

Group D
Farmaè Viareggio 9-0 BSC Husty
ACS West Deva 6-2 Mouilleron SF

Group E
Recreativo de Huelva 5-4 Riga FC
FC Baggio 2-6 BS Altena

Group F
Rostocker Robben 2-1 Pafos FC
BSC Nistru 3-1 BSC Batumi

Group G
Minots de Marseille 0-1 Lenergy Pisa BS
AD Nazaré 2022 3-4 Platja De Roses

Group H
Rosh Haayin 1-2 Catania BS

Group I
Havana Shots 2-2 Ercis Spor (Ercis Spor 4-2 against Havana Shots)
Napoli Patron BSC 6-7 ASD Napoli

Fixtures – Round of 16 (13/06/24)
TSOR vs MFC Spartak
Farmaè Viareggio vs Real Münster
Lenergy Pisa BS vs Catania BS
Falfala KQ BSC vs Riga FC
ASD Napoli vs ACS West Deva
SC Braga vs Pafos FC
Recreativo de Huelva vs Rostocker Robben
ACD O Sótão vs Platja De Roses

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