Switzerland win against France in friendly match

The Swiss celebrated their National Day with a beach soccer match against the French

Hundreds of Swiss fans enjoyed their National Day at the Sportanlage Schachen in Aarau watching Switzerland take on their neighbours France yesterday.

Both teams had met exactly one month before in Nazaré, Portugal, for Matchday 1 of the Euro Beach Soccer League, by then with a win for the Swiss eight goals to two.

Angelo Schirinzi’s men couldn’t have asked for a better start with a goal from Sandro Spaccarotella one minute into the match.

The first period wouldn’t see more goals and the second period started the other way round, this time with France scoring early and taking the lead with three goals in two minutes. Noel Ott and Glenn Hodel hit back to equalise before Quentin Gosselin made it 4-3 but Angelo Wüest would send both teams level into the final period.

The hosts would then take control of the game, Ott, Stankovic and Rüttimann scored three goals in three minutes to leave the match practically decided. Gosselin and Hodel still had time to net their second goals sealing the final result in an eight goals to five win for Switzerland.

The French will continue their preparation in Croatia where they’ll play friendlies against Slovenia and twice against the home team.

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