Press conference held ahead of the El Salvador Cup

"It is a great honour for INDES to be organizing again a top-class international event with BSWW", said Rodolfo Mena, INDES' Director of the Tournament

The BSWW El Salvador Beach Soccer Cup was officially launched today with the opening press conference, held at the Estadio Costa del Sol. Rodolfo Mena, INDES‘ Director of the tournament, Eny Aguinaga, president of the ISTU (Instituto Salvadoreño de Turismo), Josep Ponset, BSWW Director of Events and the captains of the Salvadoran Men’s and Women’s National Teams, Eliodoro Portillo and Marissa González, sat the press conference. A representation of all the team delegations in the event was also part of the official inauguration.

Rodolfo Mena, INDES’ Director of the event, stated that “It is a great honour for INDES to be organizing this event, the second top-class international event we organize after our agreement with Beach Soccer Worldwide in 2019“.

In turn, BSWW Director of Events, Josep Ponset, highlighted the level of the teams, as well as congratulated INDES and El Salvador, for their determined efforts to project women’s beach soccer.

In a very similar line, Eny Aguiñada, president of the Instituto Salvadoreño de Turismo, praised the importance such sportive competitions have for the country: “From ISTU we also like to support this kind of events, that promote sport and tourism“, she said.

To conclude, Eliodoro Portillo and Marissa González pointed out the big spectacle coming up, and assured that the fans will be treated to high-level beach soccer, as both also looked forward to contribute to the spectacle and compete for the Cup.

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