Narciso names 15-man squad ahead of season preparation

The Portuguese beach soccer national team will attend a training camp at the end of March

Mário Narciso has named the 15 players to attend a pre-season training camp that will take place between 28 and 31 March in Sesimbra, Portugal.

The Equipa das Quinas will begin its preparation for the 2021 season, where they will fight to retain both the European and World title, when they assemble in Sesimbra.

The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup will take place in August in Moscow, Russia, but Portugal will need to fend off their European rivals in the qualification round first, a task that proved almost too difficult for them in 2019, when they narrowly scraped a place in the world championships after a nervy penalty shootout against Spain. 

Portugal went on to win the tournament, beating Italy in the final by six goals to four.

Head Coach Mário Narciso called the following 15 players to Sesimbra to begin preparation:



Elinton Andrade (Casa Benfica de Loures) 

Tiago Petrony (Sporting CP) 

Pedro Mano (SC Braga)


Outfield Players:

Bernardo Lopes (GRAP) 

Rui Coimbra (Sporting CP) 

Bruno Torres (SC Braga)

Belchior (Sporting CP) 

André Lourenço (SC Braga)

Jordan Santos (SC Braga) 

Martins (SC Braga) 

Rodrigo Pinhal (Sporting CP) 

Rúben Brilhante (SC Braga)

Miguel Pintado (Casa Benfica de Loures) 

Léo Martins (SC Braga) 

João Gonçalves “Von” (Sporting CP)


Training will begin on the evening of Sunday 28 March and will run until Wednesday 31.

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