Naea Bennett becomes Tahiti’s new minister of Sports

The Tiki Toa former captain joins Edouard Fricht's government, ahead of the Ministry of Youth and Sports

Naea Bennett just added a new line to his glorious service record for Tahiti, after being named the new Minister for Youth and Sports by country’s president Edouard Fricht.

The former Tiki Toa captain and coach, now in charge of the top football club in the country, AS Pirae, will have his first experience at the political highest level, with his firs f¡rst priority being “fight against scholar dropout”.

Ready to help his country from yet another prestigious position, Bennett will now work hand in hand with the Delegation pour la prevention de la delinquance de la jeunesse (DPJD) with the main objective of improving the conditions for the youth in the country.

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