GD Sesimbra and Leixões SC to play the Euro Winners Challenge 2024 final

The competition to be settled in an all-Portuguese encounter

Two semi-finals were played to decide the two Euro Winners Challenge 2024 finalists.


GD Sesimbra win 5-1 against Vila Flor SC.

The semi-final kicked off and Vila Flor showed promising signs early on and they took the first blood as Toni scored within three minutes and kept the lead going into the second period.

It was then level in the second period as Diogo Bernardo equalised for Sesimbra. Diogo turned his marker and put the ball into the near post. The game was at a deadlock going into the final 12 minutes of the game.

The final 12 minutes of the game and an own goal from Cabral put GD Sesimbra in front with the final 7 minutes to play. Vila Flor had it all to play for going into the remainder of the period. A chaotic final 6 minutes as Sesimbra missed a penalty however from the next play, Mantorras was fouled in the process and from the resulting free kick, put Sesimbra 1-3 up in the semi-final.

Another free kick and another goal for Sesimbra, Canana had a free kick from distance which bounced in front of the goalkeeper and went into the net. The game was wrapped up with Sesimbra going 1-5 up courtesy of Gonçalo Loureiro as he passed the ball into an empty net to send his team into the final of the Euro winners challenge.

Leixões SC win 4-3 against GD União Ericeirense
The first period of the semi-final kicked off with a place in the final up for grabs. 20 seconds into the game and Macau puts GDUE in front with an absolute screamer from range. He flicked the ball up and left foot volleyed it past the goalkeeper. With two minutes remaining of the first period Leixões hit back with a goal by Matheus.

Leixões went ahead courtesy of Trivelas within the first minute of the second period. GDUE equalised with a goal from Merendas as the ball was slotted past the keeper to make it 2-2 going into the final period of the game.

The final 12 minutes of the game and two quick goals by Pedrinho for Leixões put them into the driving seat with nine minutes left. GDUE pulled it back to 3-4 as Vitinho added his name to the scoresheet and give GDUE a hope of coming back.

It wasn’t to be for GDUE as Leixões SC won 4-3 to soar into the final of the Euro winners Challenge.

5th-8th play-offs
FC Genappe won 3-1 against Porto Mendo in the 5-8th place playoffs.

AO Kefallinia won 7-5 against GD Alfarim in the 5th-8th place playoffs.



Vila Flor SC 1-5 GD Sesimbra
GD União Ericeirense 3-4 Leixões SC

5th-8th play-offs
Porto Mendo 1-3 FC Genappe
AO Keffalinia 8-6 GD Alfarim

Fixtures (13/06/24)
GD Sesimbra vs Leixões SC

3rd/4th place match
Vila Flor SC vs GD União Ericeirense

5th/6th place match
FC Genappe vs AO Keffalinia

7th/8th place match
Porto Mendo vs GD Alfarim

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