Euro Beach Soccer League 2023 – Division B: Day 1 round-up

England, Lithuania, Georgia and Norway victorious on the opening day

Men’s Division B action began on 20th Septemeber, as four matches took place across Group A and Group B on the sands of Alghero..


Group A
England get off on the right foot
England win 8-3 against Slovakia.

The opening Division B encounter, saw Slovakia take on England in Group A.

England scored the only goal in the first period through Day, as they took a 1-0 lead into the second phase of play.

Seven goals were scored in the second period, as the fixture began to open up. England found themselves 5-0 up with less than five minutes remaining in the period, after a Clarke double, a second of the fixture for Day and a strike from Jermy. However, Slovakia managed to pull back three quick goals in the final few minutes of the period to reduce the deficit to only two, through Hrnčiar, Volkay and Kanyai.

The English side pulled away in the final period, as Grossett fired in a brace and O’Neill put his name on the scoresheet.

Penalties victory for Lithuania
Lithuania defeat Czechia 3-1 on penalties after a 4-4 draw in the match.

Lithuania and Czechia looked to close the gap on England in Group A as their Division B campaigns got started.

Czechia took the lead in the fixture through a late first period strike from Bartl, as they carried a 1-0 lead into the second period. 

The match sprung into life in the second period, as Pltynikas and Giedraitis found two goals for Lithuania. Czechia also struck in the period courtesy of Salák and a Plytnikas own goal, with the scoreline at 3-2 after 24 minutes had been played.

Plytnikas and Giedraitis were Lithuania’s goal scorers once again in the third period as they took the lead, but Valeš’ strike meant that extra-time would be played in Alghero.

After neither side could find the net in the three minute period, the match was decided on penalties which saw Lithuania come out on top.

Group B
A great start for Georgia
Georgia win 7-1 against Malta.

Georgia and Malta got Group B underway in Division B.

The score read 2-1 to Georgia at the end of the first period, as Diakvnishvilis and Lomidze netted for the Georgians, whilst Agius found the net for Maltese team.

Georgia began to run away with the fixture in the second period, with Diakvnishvilis and Lomidze on target once again, alongside Kokoladze and Jalagania.

Tchvritidze added to the scoring midway through the last period, topping off a great performance from Georgia in Group B.

Norway triumphant in an all-Scandinavian encounter
Norway beat Sweden 5-3.

A Nordic clash between Sweden and Norway brought Division B action to a close on the opening day.

Slätis took the lead for the Swedes, which was shut out by Salveson for the Norwegian equaliser. However, Sweden regained their advantage through Johagen, to lead at the end of the first period.

Johagen scored Sweden’s only goal of the second period after four minutes, as Norway found three goals in the period to take the lead for the first time, as Salveson secured his brace and Paulos and Rasch converted. 

Hellman pulled one back for Sweden in the final period with two minutes remaining in the match, but it was too late for his nation to salvage a comeback.

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Group A
Slovakia 3-8 England
Lithuania 4-4 Czechia (Lithuania win 3-1 on penalties)

Group B
Georgia 7-1 Malta
Sweden 3-5 Norway

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