El Salvador National championship to kick-off this weekend

20 teams, both in Men’s and Women’s divisions, will take part in the 13-week-long competition

Beach soccer action at the highest level takes off this weekend in El Salvador, with the Salvadoran National Beach Soccer League kicking off in Costa del Sol on Saturday 8th. 

The championship, which spans over 13 weeks, will visit seven different venues, beginning and ending at the top-class beach soccer stadium of the Costa del Sol, and will involve 20 teams, 12 in the men’s division and 8 in the women’s.

The different locations that will host at least on stage of the Salvadoran National Championship are: La Canoa, Corral de Mulas, Apulo, Barra de Santiago, La Pirraya, El Cuco, Isla de Méndez, El Espino Beach, Tamarindo Beach, La Pita, Rancho Viejo Island and the aforementioned Estadio Costa del Sol.   


The teams were distributed into two groups for each division:


Women’s Division – Group A

Barra De Santiago, La Pita, UES, San Marcelino


Women’s Division – Group B

Atlético Conchagua, El Espino, La Canoa, Corral de Mulas


Men’s Division – Group A

Costa del Sol, San Marcelino, La Pita, UES, Apulo, Barra de Santiago


Men’s Division – Group B

Chirilagua, El Espino, Isla Rancho Viejo, Atlético Conchagua, Isla de Méndez, La Pirraya



This is how the match schedule for this first match day looks like: 


Saturday, 8th of May – Estadio Costa del Sol

10:00am – Barra De Santiago vs La Pita (Women’s Div. – Group A)

11:00am – UES vs San Marcelino (Women’s Div. – Group A)


2:00pm – Barra De Santiago vs La Pita (Men’s Div. – Group A)

3:00pm – San Marcelino vs Apulo (Men’s Div. – Group A)

4:00pm – UES vs Costa del Sol (Men’s Div. – Group A)


Sunday, 9th of May – Estadio Costa del Sol

10:00am – San Marcelino vs Barra De Santiago (Women’s Div. – Group A)

11:00am – La Pita vs UES (Women’s Div. – Group A)


2:00pm – Costa del Sol vs San Marcelino (Men’s Div. – Group A)

3:00pm – La Pita vs UES (Men’s Div. – Group A)

4:00pm – Apulo vs Barra de Santiago (Men’s Div. – Group A)


The competition is organized by the Instituto Nacional de los Deportes de El Salvador (INDES)

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