Draft procedure for the Mundialito de Clubes

The thrilling Mundialito de Clubes is getting closer and closer. It’s just 30 days to see the competition begin in La Represa de Guarapiranga (São Paulo). From March 20th to 27th, the sand in the 3.500-seat Brazilian stadium will host this amazing event that sets doors wide open for a new era in Beach Soccer. Although participating teams will not be officially confirmed until next Monday, some of the best-known Clubs in the world are ready to play their part into this masterpiece.

The first key date of this new competition is next Monday, February 21st. That day, in two simultaneous venues (Barcelona and São Paulo) the Official Draft is to take place, and the teams’ squads are going to be built up. The team delegate of every Club is to attend that meeting in one of the two venues, and he will be the responsible of picking the players for his squad, always under the regulations of the Draft Procedure (See attached document).

All Beach Soccer players can be potentially selected, and, just as happens in great events such as NBA or Major League Baseball, in order to set a balanced, competitive tournament, the Draft for the players’ election will follow some guidelines (see attached document).  

The participating teams and their final squads will be confirmed after the draft, but not before.

Download the Mundialito Draft Procedure

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