Beach Soccer Worldwide launches new website

The site will have many new features including stats, improved player profiles and much more

We’ve got a new look, and you’re going to like it!

The team has been working very hard behind the scenes to create a brand-new website, which will improve the beach soccer experience for fans, players and coaches alike.

Check it out for yourself, using the same URL as before:

As well as looking much better with a sleek modern design, the new website will be much easier to navigate, and make the process of registering players and teams much easier.

There will also be a more detailed level of statistics, including for players, matches and competitions.

The new site will feature many amazing new features, including:

  • Realtime In-game stats
  • Improved player profiles
  • Better general usability
  • Better fan experience
  • MyBeachSoccer platform


My Beach Soccer

A new competition management system that will allow a smoother and more efficient experience for players and teams, providing more precise information and stats about the players, coaches and referees, allowing fans and athletes to enjoy a whole new level of information and beach soccer experience. 

We hope you like it!

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