Zvezda get on top with two goalfests

The 2018 champions downed Marseille and New Team to secure six points and dominate the standings in Nazaré

Previous champions Zvezda made the most of their double matchday, and sealed two big wins that see them atop the Women’s Euro Winners Cup Nazaré 2020 standings. Ivan Kanaev’s side target their second continental crown and have been making their intentions clear with three victories in three games, although they were taken to penalties by Mriya. 

The Saint Petersburg side opened the day with a 7-0 win over Marseille Beach Team, whose chances of threatening the top of the table vanished rapidly. Kanaeva’s hat-trick for the Tsarinas, together with another brace for the team’s top scorer Cherniakova, were too much to cope with for the French side, who saw things crumble in the last period, with a final score of 7-0.

The Russians’ spirits did not flag in the afternoon, as Kanaev’s ladies stormed past New Team Brussels, with a second tactical display of brilliance, taking an 8-0 win that confirmed them as the leaders in the competition so far, something they will need to reiterate tomorrow against Cáceres Femenino if they want to reclaim the Euro Winners Cup. 

In turn, Ukrainian side Mriya 2006 grasped a key win that will let them fight for the second place in the competition tomorrow. Although it is not completely in their hands. After their 4-1 win over Cáceres, Pachev’s side could benefit from the fight between the Russians and the Spaniards for the Cup. 

If Zvezda defeat Cáceres, beating Marseille in their game tomorrow would mean the silver medal for the Ukrainians.  

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