Women’s Beach Soccer Players Unite to Advocate for a Women’s Beach Soccer World Cup

The Importance of a FIFA Women's Beach Soccer World Cup

Beach Soccer Worldwide (BSWW), along with The Beach Soccer Foundation and in collaboration with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), is excited to join forces with women’s beach soccer players to advocate for a FIFA Women’s Beach Soccer World Cup.

A Global Movement
In recent years, women’s beach soccer has seen remarkable growth in popularity and participation across the globe. Players from all corners of the world are coming together with a shared goal: to advocate for a global platform that celebrates their talent, passion, and dedication. The existence of a FIFA Women’s Beach Soccer World Cup would not only recognise their hard work but also inspire future generations of female athletes.

The Call for Action
Women’s beach soccer players are uniting with passion and determination, calling for a stage that truly reflects their skills and commitment. “It’s time to showcase women’s beach soccer on a worldwide scale,” said a spokesperson for the players. “We deserve to be seen and celebrated just as much as our male counterparts.”

Support from Leading Organisations
BSWW, The Beach Soccer Foundation, and UNAOC stand firmly behind this initiative. These organisations are committed to promoting gender equality in sports and believe that a Women’s Beach Soccer World Cup would be a vital step in that direction.

Joan Cuscó, President of Beach Soccer Worldwide, stated,

“We are incredibly proud to support the call for a Women’s Beach Soccer World Cup. This initiative aligns perfectly with our mission to foster inclusivity and equal opportunities in sports.”

A Call to the Community
BSWW are calling on all supporters, fans, and stakeholders in the beach soccer community to join hands in advocating for the Women’s Beach Soccer World Cup. We urge everyone who loves beach soccer to actively participate in this campaign. Whether you are a player, coach, fan, or sponsor, your voice and support are crucial.

Why This Matters
A Women’s Beach Soccer World Cup would not only highlight the extraordinary talent within the sport but also promote unity and perseverance. It would be a powerful statement for gender equality, showing that sports can be a tool to break down barriers and build a more diverse world.

Together, we can make the Women’s Beach Soccer World Cup a reality. Let’s unite to celebrate the talent and dedication of women in beach soccer and inspire the next generation of athletes.

It’s time for the Women’s Beach Soccer World Cup! 

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