The Puma Ball NEOM 2024 released!

The new ball has taken a multicoloured approach and will be the official ball of the 2024 season

The new official beach soccer ball is available NOW – CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOURS!

About the ball
Puma Ball NEOM 2024 has arrived to revolutionise the sands of the world. More than a beach soccer ball, it is a work of art that combines the essence of the sport with technological innovation, inspired by the future and backed by the strength of two giants: Puma and the visionary NEOM project in Saudi Arabia.

This new prodigy of Puma technology features a hybrid construction with no visible seams, ensuring enhanced durability, consistent fit and reduced water absorption. With six equal-surface panels, barefoot shots are now more powerful and smoother than ever, while the 1mm TPU outer layer with multi-foam backing offers a soft touch, power and excellent flight characteristics, along with wear resistance that ensures durability in tough beach conditions.

What truly sets the Puma Ball NEOM 2024 apart is its heart: a rubber bladder coupled with the PAL (Puma Air Lock) valve, which ensures excellent air retention in every game, no matter how many passes and shots it receives. This means that endless action in the most demanding arenas is guaranteed , allowing players to focus on their game and not on inflating the ball.

This is not just a Beach Soccer ball, it’s a story woven with the future in mind. Deriving from the words “new” in Ancient Greek (NEO) and an Arabic word for “future” – the letter “M” representing the word Mostaqbal, the name “NEOM” is not just a combination of letters; it is inspired by the ambitious project in Saudi Arabia that seeks to redefine the boundaries of innovation and sustainability. Just as NEOM aims to be a city of tomorrow, the Puma Ball NEOM 2024 is the ball of the future of Beach Soccer.

With FIFA Quality Pro certification, this ball not only promises, but guarantees the highest level of performance with every kick and every spin on the sand. It is the ideal companion for the most demanding players, who are looking for a ball that matches their skills and the competitive spirit of the Beach Soccer discipline.

Puma Ball NEOM 2024 is more than a ball; it’s the future in your hands, a fusion of technology, colour and the spirit of Beach Soccer. Join the revolution and take your game to the next level with the Puma Ball NEOM 2024!

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