The Clubs competition comes true: the new reality of Beach Soccer is here

Today, Beach Soccer welcomes a new era. With the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup consolidated biannually, and the regular Qualifiers and International events proving the sport’s excellent health year after year, the time has come for Beach Soccer Worldwide and Koch Tavares for a new step forth: The world’s largest clubs coming onto stage. 


The biggest guns on the grass are ready to jump onto the sand and take the sport to a new reality, with the when and where already appointed: Next March 2011, from 20th to 27th, La Represa de Guarapiranga in São Paulo (Brazil) will host the first Clubs Mundialito, finally displaying the Beautiful Game’s best-known outfits. Many clubs have shown interest in taking part in this first act of this upcoming masterpiece, but the participating sides will be known in the next weeks, after the selection process, featuring, of course, the most important names of the international football panorama.


Besides, the event will count on the support and coverage of giant TV Globo, which will become the host broadcaster of the competition. Most of the games will be shot life, and, as usual, all of them can be also watched through



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