SK Augur Enemat claim the inaugural Latvian-Estonian Beach Soccer League

The two-nation beach soccer league lasted for two months and was played in both Latvia and Estonia

On Saturday 15 August a two-month beach soccer marathon involving the top Latvian and Estonian teams came to a close.

Estonian club SK Augur Enemat finished at the top of the table with 38 points and having scored no less than 89 goals. The highest-finishing Latvian team was BSC LAT on 22 points.

The league was played in July and August on Parnu beach in Estonia and Jurmala beach in Latvia.

The champions had already confirmed their crown ahead of the final day but the 2nd and 3rd positions in the first year of Latvian-Estonian Beach Soccer League were up for grabs and were finally occupied by two Estonian teams, BSC Thunder Arvutitark and Nomme BSC / Olybet.

SK Augur Enemat’s Sander Lepik scored 20 goals to finish the tournament as Top Goalscorer, while his teammate Rauno Nommiko wasn’t far behind him with 19 goals. Aleksandrs Novozilovs, with 18 goals, was the third top scorer and the top among players from Latvian clubs.

The champions, SK Augur Enemat, also claimed the other individual awards as Markus Lukk was awarded the league’s Best Goalkeeper, and Kristian Marmor won the Most Valuable Player trophy.

Following the success of the maiden year of the combined national league, the official Latvian-Estonian Beach Soccer League expects to grow in the coming season with the addition of two teams from Lithuania in 2021, taking on a new name: the Baltic Beach Soccer League. This league is expected to have a total of 10 teams.


Final standings


1. SK Augur Enemat – 38

2. BSC Thunder Arvutitark – 27

3. Nomme BSC / Olybet – 24

4. BSC LAT – 22

5. BFS Ropazi – 20

6. FK Beitar / Kauguri – 15

7. BSC Üksjalgvärav Elementmaster – 11

8. BSC Turi – 0



Photo Credit: Raido Kull (Estonian Beach Soccer Association)

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