Semi-finalists decided after two matchdays in Brazil!

Day 2 of the Brazilian Championship 2020 saw the final four decided after second wins and losses

Opening wins for Sampaio Corrêa, Anchieta, Flamengo and Vasco da Gama sent them through to the semi-finals of the Campeonato Brasileiro de Beach Soccer 2020 with a matchday still to play in Rio de Janeiro.

A Datinha double helped Sampaio Corrêa become the first team to make the final four when they beat Murici by six goals to three, and they were soon joined by Anchieta who put eight (including another brace for each of the Martins twins) past Confiança.

Next, Flamengo achieved the highest tally of a team in a single game so far in the competition, as they scored 11 in their win over Luziânia. Spanish former world player of the year Llorenç opened his account with a double for the Red and Black, while the rest of the goals came from Alejandro (4), Rodrigo (2), Filipe, Paulo Henrique and Thanger.

Vasco da Gama ended the day with a second victory, confirming the four clubs in the next round with a matchday still to play, as Brazilian internationals ran the show. Mauricinho got his first goals of the tournament in style with a hat-trick, while Catarino netted twice and Lucao stays at the top of the scoring leaderboard with a brace, taking his total to five.

The winning will come to an end for two of the already-confirmed semi-finalists tomorrow, when they will fight amongst themselves for the top spot in each group.

There will also be a chance to end the final stage of the Brazilian championships with points for América, Luziânia, Confiança and Murici, as they tussle for third place in the groupstage.

Remember that you can watch the games on the CBSB TV YouTube channel.   





Anchieta 7 – 3 América

Sampaio Corrêa 8 – 3 Luziânia

Vasco da Gama 7 – 4 Confiança

Flamengo 5 – 2 Murici



Sampaio Corrêa 6 – 3 Murici

Confiança 2 – 8 Anchieta

Flamengo 11 – 4 Luziânia

Vasco da Gama 10 – 2 América



América v Confiança

Murici v Luziânia

Flamengo v Sampaio Corrêa

Vasco da Gama v Anchieta



Photo: (CBSB)

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