Russia and Kristall, finalists of the InterCup 2021

The Russian National Team will try to defend their crown against the current European champions

The Russian National team needed an amazing comeback in the last half of the game to counteract Lokomotiv’s 2-0 advantage by the end of the first period, thanks to the hits by Voloshin and goalkeeper Kosharny. In the middle frame, Kryshanov and Zemskov balanced things back for Likhachev’s side, leaving everything open for the third and last period.

In that last 12 minutes the two-times World champions geared up and used a 3-0 run to seal the win. Paporotniy, Nikonorov and Zemskov made things 5-2, a scoreboard which was impossible to counteract for Lokomotiv. The Muscovite pulled one back, with a well aimed attempt by Dmitry Samokhvalov, but the time remaining was not enough for “Loko” to equalize the score. The final 5-3 gets Russia into the final of the InterCup, where they will fight Kristall to defend their champions title.  

In the last game of the day, BSC Kristall secured a place in the final after a terribly hard-fought win over Delta. The game was a see-saw battle, with both teams exchanging strokes and two men standing up for each side: Bryshtel and Zharikov for Kristall, and Kryshanov and Raskin for Delta. 

Despite the late equalizer by the Saratov team, the defending European champions reacted in the last minutes to bag a victory that will have them fighting for this 2021 InterCup. 


Belarus and Lex to fight for 5th place

Surprising Lex could bag their first win of the competition after bending favorites Krylia Sovetov. The Saint Petersburg side, who were really close to upset Lokomotiv in the last group-stage game yesterday, finally achieved the win, and will now fight for the fifth place in their own city.

Belarus, in turn, could somehow recover of yesterday’s painful defeat to Delta, which closed Nico Alvarado’s side the doors to the semi-finals, and beat CSKA in the first game today to keep fighting for the fifth place. 

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16:00 – Krylia Sovetov 4-7 Russia

17:15 – Lokomotiv 2-1 Delta

18:30 – LEX 4-7 Belarus 

19:45 – CSKA 4-6 Kristall



16:00 – Russia 8-2 CSKA

17:15 – Belarus 2-7 Lokomotiv

18:30 – Kristall 6-2 Krylia Sovetov 

19:45 – Delta 4-1 LEX



16:00 – Belarus 3-4 Delta

17:15 – CSKA 5-7 Krylia Sovetov

18:30 – Lokomotiv 5-4 LEX 

19:45 – Russia 5(4)-5(5) Kristall



12:00 – Belarus 5-3 CSKA

13:15 – Krykia Svetov 3-4 Lex

14:30 – Lokomotiv 3-5 Russia

16:00 – Kristall 6-4 Delta



10:00 – CSKA vs Krylia Sovetov (7th place)

11:15 – Belarus vs Lex (5th place)

12:30 – Delta vs Lokomotiv (3rd place)

14:00 – Kristall vs Russia (FINAL)

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