Real Münster and La Pirraya to contend World Winners final

Semi-final victories for the Salvadorian and German club set up final on Sunday

– La Pirraya score late goals to down Rostocker Robben
– Münster cruise past Napoli
– Despite not netting on Saturday Zurlo remains top scorer

Real Münster and La Pirraya will contend the second edition of the World Winners Cup.

They defeated Rostocker Robben (GER) and Napoli BS (ITA) – who will now contend third on Sunday – on Saturday to reach the 2022 final.

In the playoffs, Marseille and Napoli Patron are still in the running for fifth, while Bohemians and Bologna will fight for seventh.

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Real Münster hand Napoli first defeat to reach final

Münster keeper Jose Carlos kicked off the second semi-final of the day with a rocket into, Andrade’s net. Before long Leo Martins buried number two and Oba drilled a low shot the length of the pitch to make it three.

The Germans, two-time semi-finalists at the Euro Winners Cup, had a comfortable lead going into the second period, where Marcel Nowak was brought down in the box, and subsequently converted the penalty.

As the final period began Real Münster lead 4-0, and the Italians looked out of ideas. Sciacca finally got Napoli off the mark, netting a double and Eudin also delivered a coolly taken free kick, but a final goal by Leo Martins wrapped up the place in the final for Real Münster.

The Germans will now face La Pirraya from El Salvador in tomorrow’s final for the 2022 World Winners Cup title.

La Pirraya FC edge Rostocker Robben to reach final

The unbeaten Salvadorians of La Pirraya had been the first to make it to the semi-finals, and German club Rostocker Robben were their next targets.

Danish keeper Madsen had Rostocker ahead after just two minutes though. By the end of the period, La Pirraya had turned the result around with goals from Batres and Melvin.

Oscar Alonso made it 3-1 early in the second period but another Dane, Wegeber, volleyed in straight from kick-off to pull Rostocker Robben back to 3-2.

Casper Dorph Jorgensen equalised before the second whistle, but in the final period, the Salvadorians were the more clinical, as the same three goal scorers struck again to snatch the victory 6-4, and make the final of the 2022 World Winners Cup.


Bohemians 1905 met Marseille BT in the final playoff match, and the French built a steady lead in the first period, as Santos Dias and Bertacca opened the scoring.

In the second period Bohemians netted three, but so did Marseille, as Bertacca hit a second. Three periods, and three goals in each saw Marseille remain in the running for fifth place.

In the first match of the fifth to eighth place playoff, Napoli Patron went into the second period winning 3-1 with goals from Bounas, Vagianos and Levin against a Bologna BS side that scored through Tavares.

Papazafeiris would extend the Greeks’ lead in the second period. The Italians reacted with Tavares scoring his second and Platania would score with 20 seconds to go but it was already too late for Bologna.

Lazo Apego saw off Canada BSC thanks to a very productive third period. The Japanese had taken the lead in the first period through Tsukasa before Rezende’s equaliser.

The Canadians turned the result around in the second period with a goal from Wellington, but in the third period, a hat-trick by Akaguma and a brace from Yuki practically sentenced the match, even though Rezende still had time to score two more goals, claiming a hat-trick as the final whistle blew at 6-4.

A well-fought match between Naxos BS and BSC Husty kicked off the day with uncertainty around the result until the final moments of the game.

Both teams were level going into the third period with Luca Distefano scoring Naxos’s two goals, while Róbert Hustý and an own-goal by Fassari accounted for the Slovakians’ goals, before Axel Damm decided the match with a trike with just one minute to go.

RESULTS – 17/09

Naxos BS 2-3 BSC Husty
Lazo Apego 6-4 Canada BSC
Napoli Patron BSC 4-3 Bologna BS
Bohemians 1905 3-8 Marseille BT
La Pirraya FC 6-4 Rostocker Robbe
Real Münster 5-3 Napoli BS

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