Portugal claim gold in Minsk!!

The 2015 World Champions bend Spain in the final as Switzerland seize bronze

Portugal became the gold medalists of the European Games Minsk 2019 following a wide win over Spain in the final. Despite Spain seeming to be in control of the game during the first stage, Portugal brilliantly turned things around and took the title.

The Martins twins, with two goals each, became the main protagonists for the Lusitanians, as they spurred the Portuguese reaction after Llorenç and Javi Torres’ 2-0 for the Spaniards. Th amazing 4-0 run for Mario Narciso’s side in the second frame was the turning point of the final. 

Once the Portuguese felt in control, there was no way back for La Roja. Four more goals in the third stage got the teams of the Quinas a wide advantage that Spain could not counteract. Madjer, Jordan and the Martins brothers widened the gap to 8-2, virtually sealing the gold for Portugal. Antonio pulled one back, but it was far too little to late for Alonso’s side, who saw Portugal claim the much-deserved gold medal. 

Goals: 1-0: Llorenç, 10 min. (1); 2-0: Javi Torres, min. 5 (1); 2-1: Be Martins, min. 9 (2); 2-2: Leo Martins, min. 7 (2); 3-2: Leo Martins, min. 2 (2); 4-2: Andrade, min. 0 (2); 5-2: Madjer, min. 11 (3); 6-2: Leo Martins, min. 10 (3); 7-2: Jordan, min. 6 (3); 8-2: Be Martins, min. 4 (3); 8-3: Antonio, min. 3 (3); 


Switzerland snatch the bronze medal!

Switzerland seized the bronze medal at these European Games Minsk 2019 after a great effort against Ukraine, in a match in which Schirinzi’s lads saw themselves down in the score for most of the minutes, but found the way to counteract the Ukrainian solidness to clinch a great success for the Swiss beach soccer records.  

Andrey Borsuk took the leading voice in the Ukrainian attack during the first half of the game, getting his side ahead with the 1-0 and the 2-1 after Noel Ott’s equalizer. 

After that, it took a while for the Alpine to equalize the score again. It was Valentin, in his 300th game for the Swiss National Team, the one to do so, thanks to a magnificent long-range shot straight into Sydorenko’s goalmouth. But also from the distance, Makeiev swept the Ukrainians ahead for the third time. 

Still one period to go, and Switzerland were one goal down. Dejan Stankovic solved that with the 3-3 halfway the period, only to see the other Borsuk brother, Igor, hit back once again. 

The Swissmen did not gave themselves up, and understood that the remaining three minutes were time enough to turn the score around. Sandro Spaccarotella  send a missile home to make it 4-4 and Dejan Stankovic could get Switzerland ahead for the first time immediately afterwards, but his free kick attempt hit the crossbar and went wide. One minute later he would be luckier, though, as he captured a lost ball and sent it past the Ukrainian goalkeeper to seal the win and the bronze medal.   

Goals: 0-1: A. Borsuk, min. 7 (1); 1-1: Ott, min. 4 (1); 1-2: A. Borsuk, min. 2(2); 2-2: Valentin, min. 1 (2); 2-3: Makeiev, min. 0 (2); 3-3: Stankovic, min. 6(3) ; 3-4: I. Borsuk, min. 3 (3); 4-4: Spacca, min. 3(3); 5-4: Stankovic, min. 1(3)


Italy turn score around to end in 5th place

A great comeback in the third period helped Italy prevail in the battle facing the 2015’s European Games finalists. This time, only the 5th place of the European Games Minsk 2019 was at stake, but both teams offered a great beach soccer spectacle. 

Not much happened in the first period, in which both teams invested time in studying the ways their opponent could do harm on them. But, as second period began, goals began coming. Zemskov hit first for Russia, but Palmacci immediately replied for the 1-1. Just a little later, though, Viktor Kryshanov bent a magnificent ball straight to Carpita’s top left corner, brilliantly sweeping the 2015 gold medalists ahead. 

Russia’s advantage would not even last one minute as third period kicked-off, as Gabriele Gori bagged the 2-2 for his side, only to see Paporotniy’s missile get the Russian side ahead once again. Stubborn Italy would not allow their opponents scape with the win, and made the most of their goal chances to equalize the score for a third time with a wonderful volley by Francesco Corosiniti.   

That was not the end of the Italian reaction, as four minutes later, Gabriele Gori was fouled right in front of the penalty kick area when attempting a bicycle kick, which resulted in a very dangerous free kick. The competition’s top scorer would not miss the chance, and fired home the winner for the Azzurri.   

Goals: 0-1: Zemskov, min. 10 (2), 1-1: Palmacci, min. 8 (2); 1-2: Kryshanov, min. 3 (2); 2-2: Gori, min. 11 (3); 2-3: Paporotniy, min. 11 (3); 3-3: Corosiniti, min. 6 (3); 4-3: Gori, min. 2 (3)


Belarus grasp 7th in Minsk

The Belarusian National Team could close their participation at the European Games they are hosting in Minsk with a comfortable win. Despite the hosts were really close to qualify for semifinals, one defeat to Portugal in the last game of the group stage got them out of the race for the medals.

The match against the Romanian side was pretty balanced during the first stages. Virtan and Maci equalized, on two occasions, the attempts by Hapon and Samsonov, having the score two apiece at the beginning of the second period. 

But during that second frame, the hosts geared up to make sure that the seventh place did not escape their hands. Hapon, with his second hit of the day, and the team’s captain, Miranovich, had Belarus 4-2 ahead. 

Romania wanted to try, but their stamina levels were really low at that stages of the game, and Belarus cruised to their third win in the competition, which Kanstantinau secured adding one more before the hooter. 

Goals: 0-1: Hapon, min. 10 (1), 1-1: Virtan, min. 7 (1); 1-2: Samsonov, min. 6 (1); 2-2: Maci, min. 9 (2); 2-3: Hapon, min. 7 (2); 2-4: Miranovich, min. 3 (2); 2-5: Kanstantinau, min. 0 (3)



Today’s results

Saturday 29th June

13:00 – Romania 2-5 Belarus (Play-off for 7th place)

14:30 – Italy 4-3 Russia (Play-off for 5th place)

17:00 – Switzerland 5-4 Ukraine (Bronze medal match) 

16:30 – Spain 3-8 Portugal (Gold medal match)


Final standings:

Gold Medal: Portugal

Silver Medal: Spain

Bronze Medal: Switzerland


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