Overall Rankings Updated

The spots have shifted as the World Cup harboured many coveted points that now have been distributed to the teams

With the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Portugal 2015 finished, the rankings have changed. The Overall World Rankings are created using a points system which rewards teams with more or less depending on their results and tournaments from the season. The rankings take into account the last four years of beach soccer action, with each year, going backwards, holding less weight than the current year.


Each and every team earns and loses points whenever this an event and the moves can be monumental as Tahiti made the largest leap, 27 spots from 33rd in the World to 6th. The big leap came on the heels of the Tahitians securing second place in the FBSWC 2015, narrowly losing to the hosts, Portugal, in a fitting finale to a spectacular event. 


The year is just over half-way over but there are still many happenings in the beach soccer world and the final months of the year will be crucial for country’s to improve their stock with the great competitions that are slated. The importance of the rankings is very high and one of the many benefits of the standardized ranking is that they are used for seeding in events, which also coincides with invitation only events.

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