One athlete tests positive for SARS COV 2 at the Euro Winners Cup preliminary exams

All the protocols were applied correctly and the competition successfully goes on!

Following the preceptive tests undergone by the 32 teams participating in this Euro Winners Cup 2020, one of the athletes has tested positive for Sars COV 2 (Covid-19).

As a consequence, and despite the rest of the members of the team (Casa Benfica de Loures) having tested negative, the organisation of the event, following the directives by the Health Authorities (Direção Geral de Saúde) and always with the safety of athletes and professionals involved in the event as the main priority, have jointly decided that the whole team must return home.

For this reason, the team will not be able to take part in this year’s edition of the Euro Winners Cup. 

The rooms of the hotel in which the players isolated whilst awaiting the final results have been thoroughly sanitised.

Due to the fact that  the results of the tests they had undergone were still not available when the team arrived in Nazaré, the team was not authorised to participate in training sessions nor access the stadium for any reason, and they were required to stay inside their rooms.

The organisation of the event will keep monitoring the situation, guaranteeing, as it has been done so far, the highest standards in regards to safety measures, following the established national and international health protocols.

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