MFC Servit win Kiev championship as Ukrainian league approaches

Servit defeated defending league champions Alternativa in a tight final in Kiev

It is a very busy time for beach soccer in the Ukraine, where the clubs of the nation’s capital have just finished battling for supremacy and the Ukrainian beach soccer league is just around the corner. 

The beach soccer Championship of Kiev came to its conclusion when MFC Servit narrowly beat FC Alternativa, current Ukrainian champions, by four goals to three.

NC Beachsoccer finished in third after beat BSC Vit 6-2.

Andrij Pashko of FC Alternativa received a prize from President of Beach Soccer of Kiev for being the tournament’s best young player, while Ukrainian international Maksym Voitok (BSC Vit) scored 12 goals be named Top Scorer. The Best Goalkeeper went to Denis Sabatuk (FC Alternativa) and the award for the Best Player went to Oleg Zborovskij (NC Beachsoccer)


The league begins

The national beach soccer league is also about to start and there will be little rest for many of the players, who will be competing on the same sand as they played on for the Kiev championships, in the Hydropark at Sports City in the Ukrainian capital.

The competition will take place from 20-24 August, and the eight participating teams will be: defending champions BSC Alternativa (Kiev), BSC Vit (Kiev), MFC Servit (Kiev), NB Beachsoccer (Kiev), Molniya (Berdyansk), Chernomorsk (Odessa Region), Vityaz (Dnipro) and BSC Artur Music (Kiev).

The eight teams will be split into two groups of four where they will play a round robin on the first three matchdays. The best two from each group will make the semi-finals on 23 August, and on the last day, the final and third-place playoff will be fought.





BSC Molniya v BSC Artur Music 

BSC Vit v MFC Servit 

NC Beachsoccer v BSC Chernomorsk

FC Alternativa v BSC Vityaz



FC Alternavita v BSC Chernomorsk

BSC Vityaz v NC Beachsoccer 

BSC Vit v BSC Artur Music 

BSC Molniya v MFC Servit 



BSC Artur Music v MFC Servit

BSC Vit v BSC Molniya 

BSC Chernomorsk v BSC Vityaz

FC Alternativa v NC Beachsoccer






Third-place playoff


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