Marseille win 2nd Spyros Avramis International Cup

The French champions beat Copenhagen in the final on Sunday

Marseille have won the 2nd Spyros Avramis International Cup in Patras, Greece, after beating Denmark’s Copenhagen in the final on Sunday!

They lost their opening match against Rostocker Robben, but went on to win the remaining games, while Rostocker lost the rest of their matches.

French beach soccer international Bizot finished the tournament as the Top Scorer with 10 goals in five games.

This edition took place at the Beach Soccer ARENA Spyros Avramis and ran from Friday 17 to Sunday 19 September.

Five rounds – a group stage as well as semi-finals and the final – were played over the three matchdays, between Marseille (FRA), Rostocker (GER), Napoli Patron (GRE) and Copenhagen (DEN).

The event is held in memory of the Napoli Patron player, Spyros Avramis, who tragically passed away in 2017.

SCHEDULE (local time)

Friday 17.09.21 – 1st round
(17:00) Marseille 3–4 Rostocker Robben
(18:30) Napoli Patron 2–5 Copenhagen

Saturday 18.09.21 – 2nd round
(11:30) Copenhagen 3–9 Marseille
(13:00) Napoli Patron 9–8 Rostocker Robben

Saturday 18.09.21 – 3rd round
(17:15) Copenhagen 10–5 Rostocker Robben
(18:45) Napoli Patron 3–6 Marseille

Sunday 19.09.21 – SEMI-FINALS
(11:30) Copenhagen 5–3 Rostocker Robben
(13:00) Marseille 9–5 Napoli Patron

Sunday 19.09.21 – FINAL
(18:45) Copenhagen 3–4 Marseille



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