Madjer Cup lands in Figueira for the third year

Buarcos beach will host the international youth competition between 9 and 11 of July

The third edition of the Madjer Youth Beach Soccer Cup has just been confirmed, as announced by DoctorSport Events, a world-leading organizer of beach sporting events, and Beach Soccer WorldWide.  

The event will take place in the beautiful beaches of Buarcos (Figueira da Foz), between 9 and 11 July, again featuring teams from all over the world in u16 and u18 categories. 

Boasting exceptional beaches, a first-class sports arena specifically designed to meet the needs of professional athletes, and already host to several major sporting events, Figueira is the perfect venue to showcase the most talented beach soccer youth teams from around the globe. 

Teams from Portugal, Italy, USA, Spain and Germany have already confirmed their presence at the Madjer Cup 2021 Edition, with the possibility to join the competition still open!


First steps in 2018

History was made in June 2018 when 16 clubs, representing El Salvador, Italy, Portugal, Spain, UK and the United States assembled on the golden beaches of Portugal to pioneer a new beginning for the sport of beach soccer and international youth competition. In that moment, the inaugural Madjer Youth Beach Soccer Cup was formed. 

The second edition of the Madjer Cup was held in June of 2019 and was a great success. It featured more teams, including one from Poland, in addition to the same teams and countries that were represented in the groundbreaking first edition. Now, with even more momentum than ever, the third edition of the Madjer Cup promises to deliver more excitement, more teams, more countries, and more fun.

Eight to 12 teams from each age division (u16 and u18) will be accepted and invitations to various clubs, players, and coaches were sent to numerous locations throughout the world, including, but not limited to, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dubai, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, Uruguay, Russia, Venezuela, the United States, and several other countries. 

A competition of this kind that involves young players and enhances the formative aspect of our sport is great news, and this is why Beach Soccer Worldwide is taking it under its umbrella. Apart from that, it takes place in one of the cradles of our sport, Portugal, with the name of one of the greatest beach soccer players ever. We are really looking forward to it”  says Joan Cusco, Beach Soccer WorldWide president.

We feel it is very important to promote the sport of beach soccer at the youth level in order to achieve long-term, sustainable growth, which would allow it to transition from a niche sport to one day becoming an Olympic sport and a more prevalent professional sport with mass audience appeal,”  says Rui Loureiro, Project Manager at Figueira Beach Sports City and the Founder & CEO of Doctor Sport, “and having an event such as this gives our youth players something to aspire to and can also serve as a stepping stone for them to reach the professional level.”  

Madjer, the legendary beach soccer player, who gives his name to the event, expressed his excitement at the opportunity to launch such a unique event, stating that , “Expectations are undoubtedly very high, considering that it is the most representative youth international tournament, held worldwide. And bearing in mind that there is an existing gap in the sport, it is expected to become even more successful.”

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