Madjer Cup 2023 has begun

The opening day of the tournament got underway in Portugal

The 2023 edition of the Madjer Cup got started on the 14th July and will run until the 16th July, as teams from the U16’s and U18’s age groups take to the sand of Figueira da Foz, Portugal.

On the opening day in Group A, UKS Millenium Gliwice and AD Buarcos got off to great starts, both attaining victories. Polish side, UKS Millenium Gliwice came away with a 5-2 over ACD Sotão and Portuguese team, AD Buarcos won 3-1 against IOW Beach Soccer.

Group B saw Portugal based team, GD Alfarim defeat GD Ilha 9-3 in their opening match.

In Group C, 2022 U18’s Madjer Cup champions, ACD Sotão defeated IOW Beach Soccer 9-1. AD Buarcos got their Madjer Cup campaign underway winning 6-4 against GD Ilha, and Naval 1893 picked up victories in their opening two fixtures.

GD Sesimbra and CR Praia da Leirosa both picked up back to back wins on the opening day, as CF Chelas and CDF Fran Mejias also picked up victories in Group D.

Results – U16’s
Group A
ACD Sotão 2-5 UKS Millenium Gliwice 
AD Buarcos 3-1 IOW Beach Soccer 

Group B
GD Ilha 3-9 GD Alfarim 

Results – U18’s
Group C
GD Ilha 4-6 AD Buarcos 
IOW Beach Soccer 1-9 ACD Sotão
IOW Beach Soccer 6-7 Naval 1893
GD Ilha 0-6 Naval 1893 

Group D
GD Sesimbra 6-5 CDF Fran Mejías 
Warriors SV 4-5 CR Praia da Leirosa 
Warriors SV 4-6 CF Chelas 
GD Sesimbra 9-5 GD Alfarim 
GD Alfarim 3-7 CR Praia da Leirosa 
CF Chelas 4-5 CDF Fran Mejias 

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