Kristall finish first stage of Russian league on top despite final day loss

The final games of the Russian Beach Soccer Championship regular stage were contended on Sunday.

Defending champions Lokomotiv Moscow cut the gap between themselves and league leaders by beating them 6-4 to secure second place.

Delta pulled off an impressive victory against Lokomotiv, showcasing how open and competitive the Russian league is, to finish in third. Spartak, Lex and CSKA also qualified for the Superfinal, to be played in Moscow from 30 June to 4 July.

Krylia Sovetov, who registered just three points in the regular stage, will not compete in the Superfinal. The groups for the final stage in the Russian capital will be:

Group А
Kristall (St. Petersburg)
Spartak (Moscow)
CSKA (Moscow)

Group В
Lokomotiv (Moscow)
Delta (Saratov)
Lex (St. Petersburg)

Lokomotiv Moscow’s Boris Nikonorov finished the regular stage at the top of the scoring charts with an impressive 18 goals in 11 games.



Krylia Sovetov 3-7 Spartak
Delta 4-3 Lokomotiv
CSKA 2-6 Kristall


Delta 2-4 CSKA
Lex 4-2 Krylia Sovetov
Lokomotiv 6-5 Spartak


Krylia Sovetov 2-10 Lokomotiv
Spartak 5-3 CSKA
Kristall 7-2 Lex


Spartak 2-11 Lex
CSKA 3-7 Lex
Kristall 4-6 Lokomotiv


1st – Kristall (30)
2nd – Lokomotiv (24)
3rd – Delta (20)
4th – Spartak (16)
5th – Lex (15)
6th – CSKA (11)
7th – Krylia Sovetov (3)


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