It’s nice to see players I’ve helped now playing in the Premier League, Bundesliga & LaLiga.

Get up close and personal with England’s star number ten, Aaron Clarke

Born and raised in London, Aaron Clarke has taken English beach soccer by storm over the last few years. 

Since his debut in 2013, in which he netted his first international goal against the mighty Portugal, Aaron has become the captain and spearhead of the England Beach Soccer Team, as well as appearing in the squads of multiple clubs, including Arsenal, Levante and FC Barcelona.

But he is much more than just a beach soccer star…

The son of a school teacher and a bricklayer, Aaron Clarke was born on June 10th 1991 in London. 

“I have a younger sister who is currently at university studying Mechanical Engineering – she must have inherited all the brains!”

Aaron himself studied Physical education, Drama, English literature at college and then went on to graduate with a degree in Sports Science. 

Like most beach soccer players, he is also an avid football fan, and has very close ties to his boyhood club… 

“Since I was 18 I’ve been working for Arsenal as a coach, travelling around the world to educate coaches on how to play and coach in ‘The Arsenal Way´.” 

However, for the last 6 years his focus has been on the Arsenal Academy, working with top talents from the ages of 9-16 years old. 

“It’s really nice to see players who I have helped in the past who have now developed and are playing in the Premier League, Bundesliga & LaLiga.” 

Aaron is also a personal trainer in his hometown of London. “I really enjoy helping people stay fit & healthy.”

His journey into beach soccer started in 2012, when he was invited to an England beach soccer recruitment day… 

“I must have made a good impression, as I was then invited to attend regular training sessions with the England team. I automatically fell in love with the sport and in 2013 I made my debut scoring my first international goal against Portugal.”

Behind every success story there is support from friends, family, colleagues etc. but who would the England striker name on his list of people who have played a key role in his career?

“I am very grateful of the opportunities the former England manager Terry Bowes gave me as I feel I was able to use the international platform to start my club career.”

“Early on in my career I was guided by Angelo Schrinizi at Sable Dancers in Switzerland. I was then fortunate enough to represent FC Barcelona and learn from Ramiro Amarelle who I think is a tactical genius.” 

Looking back, there are certain memories that England’s top scorer will remember forever…

“The achievement that gives me the most individual satisfaction is scoring a goal against a Hungary in the Promotion Final in Pärnu. It was voted in the top three goals in the world.” 

“As well as that, being acknowledged as one of the top 50 players in the world for the past two seasons is very special.” 



– 130 England goals in 122 appearances

– England player of the season (4)

– England top scorer (5)

– Top scorer EBSL Div. B Warnemünde stage (2 – 2017 & 2018)

– Oceanside beach soccer champions with Chargers 

– NASSC Virginia champions with Barcelona 

– Quadruple Winners with Arsenal BSC in 2017 (English National Championship, Super Cup, Copa Lagos, Dunkerque Cup) 

– MVP of Copa Lagos 2017 

– Spanish National Champions 2018 with Levante 

– Malmo Cup champions with England 

– MVP of Malmo Cup 





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