Four to vie for Portuguese crown

LIVE on – Braga, Sporting, Casa Benfica de Loures and Chaves square off in the final phase, to take place between 3rd and 5th of October in Nazaré

Between the 3rd and the 5th of October, defending champions SC Braga, Casa Benfica de Loures, Sporting CP and GD Chaves will vie for the Portuguese crown. The Final stage of the Divisião Elite of the Portuguese beach soccer will take place at the Estadio do Viveiro Jordan Santos, in Nazaré, and you can follow it LIVE trhough   

In turn,  Leixões, Alfarim, GRAP and hosts ACD Sótão will play to avoid relegation to the second division. Two teams out of these four will lose their Elite Division place, after Campeonato Nacional champions Varzim SC and AD Buarcos 07 secured a berth in the Portuguese top Division last week. 

Both tiers will be played in round robin format, with all the contenders (both for the cup and to avoid relegation) playing against the other three teams in the group. 

After the draw held this afternoon at the Portuguese FA headquarters, the match schedule will go as follows: 


Saturday, 3rd October

11h00: Casa Benfica de Loures -GD Chaves

12h30: Sporting CP – SC Braga


Sunday, 4th October

11h00: GD Chaves – Sporting CP

12h30: SC Braga – Casa Benfica de Loures


Monday, 5th October

10h45: SC Braga – GD Chaves

12h15: Sporting CP – Casa Benfica de Loures



Saturday, 3rd October

14h00: ACD Sótão -GRAP

15h30: Leixões SC – GD Alfarim


Sunday, 4th October

14h00: GRAP -Leixões SC

15h30: GD Alfarim -ACD Sótão


Monday, 5th October

14h00: GD Alfarim – GRAP

15h30: Leixões SC – ACD Sótão




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