Colombia and Paraguay win to go level with group leaders in Rio

A rest day for Brazil and Uruguay at the CONMEBOL Championship gave group rivals a chance to catch up

Colombia and Paraguay bagged essential wins on Day 3 of the CONMEBOL Beach Soccer Championship, taking advantage as group leaders Brazil and Uruguay enjoyed a rest day.

Perea and Ossa scored two late goals to help La Tricolor hand Argentina their second defeat, a big blow to their hopes of reaching the semi-finals, while Paraguay defeated Peru, their third loss in the Qualifier so far.

Venezuela and Chile also won to boost their hopes of a place in the next round, but that came at the expense of Ecuador and Bolivia who are yet to register any points at the CONMEBOL Championship.

Brazil and Uruguay will return to the sand on Tuesday when they take on Venezuela and Bolivia to try and re-establish distance between them and group rivals.

Three of the ten teams will make it to the world championships in Russia. The CONMEBOL Beach Soccer Championship – acting at the Qualifier for the World Cup –is being held from from 26 June to 4 July at Barra de Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Day 2

10.30 – Argentina 5-0 Bolivia (Group B)
12.00 – Uruguay 3-2 Chile (Group B)
13.30 – Peru 3-4 Venezuela (Group A) *AET
15.00 – Brazil 7-3 Ecuador (Group A)

Rest day: Paraguay and Colombia

Day 3

10.30 – Colombia 7-5 Argentina (Group B)
12.00 – Chile 5-0 Bolivia (Group B)
13.30 – Peru 0-3 Paraguay (Group A)
15.00 – Venezuela 5-3 Ecuador (Group A)

Rest day: Brazil and Uruguay

Day 4

10.30 – Colombia v Chile (Group B)
12.00 – Uruguay v Bolivia (Group B)
13.30 – Paraguay v Ecuador (Group A)
15.00 – Brazil v Venezuela (Group A)

Rest day: Argentina and Peru

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