Beach soccer league returns to Ecuador

Victoria_Andres shone on Day 1 scoring 11 at the Arena Olímpica

Beach soccer has returned to Ecuador after being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Five matches of the Campeonato Nacional de Fútbol Playa were played on Matchday 1 in the city of Manta, at the Arena Olímpica. 

There were victories for Brasilia, Delfín S.C., D. Barreiro, Fluminense Blasa and the most comprehensive win came for Victoria_Andres who netted no less than 11 goals against EPPA Elide.

The first games took place on Friday 13 March and the competition will continue in two groups, one of four and one of six, to decide the eight teams who will make it into the second stage of the league.



Group A

Marchese F.C. 3 – 6 Brasilia

San Francisco 3 – 4 Delfín S.C. 


Group B

D. Barreiro 5 – 4 Playa Grande 

Unión 3 – 7 Fluminense Blasa 

Victoria_Andres 11 – 2 EPPA Elide



Photo: FEF 

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