5 outstanding talents from the Women’s Euro Winners Cup

Madrid CFF Coach Paula Sanz selects her top 5 talents from the 2020 women’s European championships

Paula Sanz, coach of 2019 runners-up of the Euro Winners Cup Madrid CFF, could not take part in the 2020 edition, but, like the passionate beach soccer analyst she is, she didn’t miss a minute of the competition. 

So we asked her to analyse the most outstanding talents of this past edition for Barefoot: The Beach Soccer Mag; five players that will shine the future of beach soccer. Five players that are here to stay, and are set to dazzle us with brilliant beach soccer in the coming seasons. 


Anastasiya Terekh (UKR)

I would say she was the biggest surprise-star of the year. At just 22 years old, she showcased great bravery and determination to lead her team’s attacking moves and also wasn’t afraid to shoot when she had the opportunity. 

I think she was the key player for her team at the most decisive moments of the relevant matches. Her focus on the game never slipped. Without a doubt, BSC Mriya 2006 was a pleasant surprise, and most of that merit was thanks to Anastasiya. 

I am sure she has a long career ahead of her on the sand, and we should look forward to watching her play in the future, something we all hope will happen again very soon. 


Myroslava Vypasniak (UKR)

Myroslava, a very well-known player in the world of beach soccer, is the demonstration that experience and hard work pay off – and win championships! She played the role of Commander in Chief of a young and inexperienced team and led them to the continental crown. 

She was everywhere on the pitch, both in defence and attacking positions. She was all passion and desire, and that was rewarded with the most prestigious trophy in her personal cabinet. 

For every minute she was on the sand, in Nazaré, she fielded her strength and quality, and became the best support, and mentor, for her teammates, as well as the perfect transmission from the coach Roman Pachev on the pitch. 


Anaëlle Wiard (BEL)

In short: this is what a goal-scorer looks like. It is not easy to become the top scorer in the top European club competition, and if you manage to achieve that in your first international experience, despite the disappointing results of your team, then that shows that you are a special breed. 

Anaëlle is a player that all coaches should have on their radars. She has fallen in love with beach soccer, and she demonstrated in Nazaré that she has a terrific future. In the Euro Winners Cup she showed her capacities, and how no matter the distance, the angle or the number of opponents in front of her, she always manages to find the goal. She is just getting started… 


Anna Akylbaeva (RUS)

The embodiment of beach soccer. She needs no introduction, as she is known worldwide in beach soccer for being the perfect demonstration of the key role goalkeepers have in this game. 

She knows very well what winning everything means, but also, how hard that is to achieve. No matter whether she wears the armband or not, she is a true captain, and she offers terrific strength between the sticks. 

I cannot think of a goalkeeper who is better with her feet, which makes Akylbaeva not only decisive in goal but also very dangerous, thanks to her excellent shot. We really look forward to enjoying her game for years to come. 


María Herrero (ESP)

María is the kind of player that is always in the right place. CFP Cáceres Femenino had the objective of being a solid team, showing the hunger to go for the victory in every single game, and María was the player to best showcase those values on the pitch. 

No matter where the ball was heading, she would find it, take it, and make something productive out of it for her team. Moreover, her tireless fighting spirit and her powerful shot made for a truly important player. 

It’s not for nothing she was awarded the Best Player of the competition, and she came second after Annaelle Wiard in the top scorers chart, but no-one can claim to have battled harder than her. 

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