FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2017 - CONMEBOL Qualifier Asuncion
13 Feb 2017

Ecuador seals historic World Cup qualification…

…as Brazil reedits the continental throne at the Eliminatorias CONMEBOL Asunción 2017

Bailón’s right foot opened the doors of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup for Ecuador for the first time in history. La Tri upset Argentina from the penalty kick shootout of a dramatic game to write the most successful page of their beach soccer history to date. 

In a terribly contested match in which the Albiceleste seemed to know how to lead the way, Ecuador awaited for their moment to counteract and do harm. The strike exchange sent the game to the 9-meters roulette, where the tension was easily noticed. None of the five first attempts found the back of the net, and the moment came for Bailón to make history. And he certainly did.

Same contenders than the last FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup CONMEBOL Qualifier in Manta, Ecuador, but a whole different story this time… 


Brazil, South American champions again

Brazil and Paraguay, with the ticket to the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Bahamas 2017 already secured, squared off today to decide who was the best team in South America. 

The Brazilians had their biggest experience, and their stunning invincibility run, and Paraguay had more than 3000 thousand souls by their side at the stadium in Asunción. 

The Verdeamarela prevailed, after a thrilling and hard-fought game, to reedit the South American throne and fly back home with new silverware to add to their unparalleled records. 

Paraguay came really close to snatch the cup with an spirited display and an amazing performance by their biggest star, Pedro Morán, with 4 goals. But all that was not enough to make the Brazilian Express derail. 


Chile clinches 5th place 

In the first game of the day, the Chilean National Team earned the fifth place in the competition in a truly amusing game packed with goals and beach soccer action. Just one goal made the difference between Chile and Colombia, giving La Roja a laudable 5th-place finish in Asunción. 


Check all results, standings and other information here: http://beachsoccer.com/events/fifa-beach-soccer-world-cup-2017-conmebol-qualifier-asuncion   


March 27, 2017 - March 29, 2017
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